ATTENTION: Server Versions

The actual server is @ and runs 1.2.5. Downgrade if you want to see that. (How to downgrade video)

If you upgraded to 1.3, and do not mind playing on a plugin-free temporary server you need to connect to The Whitelist updates only every 15 minutes, so wait a bit if you just registered.

12 thoughts on “ATTENTION: Server Versions

  1. please im lost i dont know if im in the right sever what do i type in the sever name and what do i type in the sever address tab to get back on to uncovery

    • Server Name is whatever you want to call it. Server Address as described above. You always can connect only to the server that has the same version as your client. If you have a 1.3 client, you can only connect to the temp server. If you have a 1.2.5 client, you can only connect to the normal server. If you manage to switch between clients, you can switch servers and versions. If in doubt, connect to IRC from the Chat page and talk to people.

  2. uncy is there a ETA when the server will be upgraded to 1.3?

  3. Hey Uncovery i somehow lost my lot on the Empire do you know what happent?

      • yeah, pretty much that. If you decide to show up only every 3 months, this will happen. I remember also your lot on the old map expired.

  4. hey Uncovery thank you SOOOOOO much for posting that video on how to downgrade

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