Re-rendering all 3D maps

I am re-rendering all 3D maps with a higher compression and lower resolution – with the exception of the city. This should reduce server lag specially when there are many people online and also reduce the time to load the map in the first place.

7 thoughts on “Re-rendering all 3D maps

  1. I understand that this is not relevant but, i just created an account and i cannot get into the server and on the homepage it says ‘Username not found’ and also that i am banned for like 517 seconds..? I am confused as to why :(?

    • Dude you better learn how to get proper help

      a) this is not the support forum. We have one like that. Check the menu
      b) “I cannot get into the server” Is vague. What is the error message?
      c) What version are you using? 1.3? 1.2.5? see the recent blogposts for info
      d) Where on the homepage does it say that?
      c) Is you username “ApparentCreeper” also your minecraft username?

      • i was talking to him on the server earlyer today so he must have got in

        • Yeah, from the style he asked the question I did not expect a “it works now” once people try to help him…

          • Im sorry i had completely forgotten once i got into the server that i had posted the issue, i will make sure next time that i will go to the correct forum to get help with any issues i may have in the future.

  2. Did you use the Minecraft username (caps and all) to register? Like is your Minecraft username ApparentCreeper? And that ban thing is the teamspeak plugin. Don’t worry about it.

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