Upgrade coming soon! [Update]

As I recently found out, the new bukkit version has hardly changed the API that plugins use to communicate with the server. I made a test-run today by simply copying over all the plugins into another temp-install of the current bukkit version. The result: only one rather unimportant plugin is not working (“nolagg”, I use it to find lag sources).

This means that I will take the whole server sometimes between today and tomorrow (likely today), make another backup of the whole thing and simply upgrade the bukkit files that are new and see what happens. Most likely it should work just fine. We will then have to see if the basic permissions & restrictions work.

Later, I will move the darklands over from the temp 1.3 server to the new 1.3 server. I still want to see if I can remove all torches from the map so we have a consistent ‘darklands’ behavior.

What should you do? Empty your darklands inventory into a chest and note down the coordinates where you were hiding it. You WILL have to walk there again!

[Update] I have gone through the list of bugs that have been reported in the last couple of hours and while none of them seem to make the server crash, some of them are causing heavy lag and some nuisances. So I want to wait for a recommended build of bukkit until we upgrade. Given the plugins already work 99% and that there are no huge issues, I would hope that a recommended build is released within the next 1-3 days and we can then upgrade immediately.

5 thoughts on “Upgrade coming soon! [Update]

  1. ok, this may seem dumb, but no one in the game would answer without it being a smart ass “read forums”…..when it says that we need to put our stuff in a chest and remember coords, are we talking about a chest in the 1.25 darklands (current) or the temp 1.3? and are the 2 worlds one in the same, as far as “seed”.

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