Temp Server semi-upgrade

I now enabled a couple of plugins on the 1.3 temp server. First of all permissions & User levels. That means that elders can ban now on the temp server. Also, all other stuff is now equal to the normal darklands on the main server. This means no more torches can be placed, and guests cannot build anymore. They will have to downgrade in order to get build permissions. Apart from that we now also have chat channels.

I am expecting as said before an upgrade within the next few days – as soon as a recommended build of bukkit for 1.3 comes out.

2 thoughts on “Temp Server semi-upgrade

  1. Seems like XP doesn’t travel from the end to the darklands anymore in the temp server. I had level 30, then level 0 when leaving. I tried killing something to see if it was just a glitch. But that didn’t work.

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