12 thoughts on “jts522, thebionicle014, Turks999 banned for XRaying!

  1. Well, what did they expect? If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime!
    Hey Unc, can you see what texture packs we are using? or how can you tell for sure if they are xraying?

    • I have a plugin that logs suspicious behavior. From time to time I check the logs. I teleport to the location and look at the mining pattern. If it looks like a too-good-to-be-true find, I ban (digging down from the surface to bedrock to get some diamond and nothing else for example). Most of the time it’s very obvious. If only suspicious I check later on the user.

  2. Thank you, uncovery. That was a very fast response. It feels very good to know that the owner cares, and is willing to take the actions necessary to keep this server hack free.
    Thank you

  3. interesting what if they found the diamond marked coodernants and then got later :P

    • the question is how you mine for stuff. If you find stuff in a cave or do strip mining that’s one thing. If you dig a straight hole to stuff another. In the end the only question is how much stuff you can find in what time. If you spend 10 minutes with a xray to find the stuff, and then 2 hours to make it look like a normal mine, it’s the same as if you dig for 2 hours and then get the stuff normally.

      • oh yeh u recording the time taken to get good job explaining btw

  4. Can’t you decide which Texturepack can be used in the new Update? I thought there is some kind of such an option in the Menu.

  5. Could you not get that No XRay plugin that stops ores from being sent to the client until they’re in the player’s line of sights?
    I know it supposedly causes lag, but there’s no reason not to try it out. :)

  6. Way to go! Keep up the good work on keeping the server hack free! Just feels good to know the owner cares. :D

  7. theres a plugin that makes it so when someone xrays they just see tnt and diamond ore everywhere, its quite funny i’ve seen it confuse xrayer’s so bad.

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