Update Status, 2nd ed.

Bukkit 1.3.1 has just been released, 1 hour before I leave home for holidays. I will have limited possibilities to update the server this week, but I will be able to test certain things to make sure the update goes smooth. It will also allow us to wait for plugins to update so we can make sure everything works as expected.

Significant issues / opportunities:

  • Ender Chests – We need to avoid that they are used to transport stuff from creative to survival
  • Adventure mode – we might be able to use this to have adventures in the city and other places, watch for an update of the story admin!
  • Kingdom – we still need to find a good way to have protection there. I want to avoid it’s used for mining. In the worst case, I will make buyable worldguard regions just like on all other lots. Towny and preciousstones are the two contenders. Towny is very complex and preciousstones needs a smart setup without being too complex. Generally running two protection plugins at the same time is not ideal.

11 thoughts on “Update Status, 2nd ed.

  1. Dont quote me on it, but i think the ender chest is player AND world specific. So it might be safe in creative and survival. You might want to test it first, im still not sure.

  2. On the 1.3 server, I can access the same ender chest across different worlds.

  3. so has the 1.2.5 server been upgrade or are u waiting a little bit longer

    • Yeah, unc. Has the server been updated? You should write a blog entery about if you’ve updated or not. And maybe explain your reasoning behind the decision. Also, please make updates to the blog.

    • Either this is a trick question, a bad joke or you are just REALLY bad at reading. I would suggest you go and read the text up there again.

      • i was just a little unsure if u had since it was released before u left for ur vacation. but im not pushing the issue i was just curious and that was before i logged into the game. but yeah have fun on vacation :)

  4. We can all wait for the update to happen. It’s not the end of the world. Have fun on you vacation unc.

    • are you kidding? this is totaly the end of minecraft *pun*

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