Upgrade bugs PLEASE READ

Here is a list of currently known bugs:

  • /tell and /msg does not work in the empire. Messages go straight to the /general channel. So be careful what you message. Test first. Everyone migh tread it
  • You cannot chat in channels with the shortcut. Normally you can chat in trade with /ch t <enter> and then text or with the shortcut /t <text>. The /t shortcut is broken. Chat will go to the global channel.
  • [FIXED] I have to re-enable flat map rendering for the 3D map and then assemble the resulting tiles into a single image to be used for the 2D map so we can get up-to-date 2D maps of the lots.
  • There was a mess-up with the integration of the darklands. The un-explored areas do not line up with the already explored areas so there will be weird breaks in the landscape.
  • When you switch worlds that share the same XP, the XP seems to be lost. If you gain additional XP however, the result is the right one. So you do not loose any XP, the display is just wrong for some time.
  • [FIXED] emeralds cannot be traded yet (until I fixed that)
  • [FIXED] story signs cannot switch you to survival mode anymore

Both chat issues will be fixed with the new release of HeroChat which is delayed because of some server-wars.


9 thoughts on “Upgrade bugs PLEASE READ

  1. when i click on a user on the who’s online thing under every ones thing it says user is: BANNED

  2. when you buy from a player online it says it in global chat but i think this counts as the /msg not working

    • yes it’s the same bug. The plugin normally would /msg the seller about the purchase. I should fix it so that the /msg is done only if the seller is online. the fact that it comes out in global chat will be fixed once herochat is updated.

  3. Critical Bug detected: Mob Disguise is glitched. When doing either /md or /md , it says: “An internal error occurred while attempting to perform this command”. Using /md will have /md stats state that you are that current mob but, visually, you still look like a human. The critical part is that you still retain the “no pickup blocks” thing, and using /md won’t return yourself to a human.

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