6 thoughts on “XP Price now 1:10

  1. I think 10:1 is a little too much, yes. In 1.2.5 and prior, ‘max’ level (50) was achieved at 4625 XP points, which equates in the past to 4625 Uncs.

    Now, it is 825 XP points for ‘max’ level (30) would cost 825 points. That is quite cheap for a maximum enchantment, so I can understand a need for a change. However, with this new 10:1 ratio, it will cost 8,250 Uncs. That is a little less than double what it was before. That is too much in my opinion. Also to be noted: Enchants are more random now. It is likely that even with a level 30 enchant, you can get something weak, like Unbreaking 3 only.

    I think a 4:1 or 5:1 ratio is much more fair. 10:1 just seems like way too much in my opinion. Thoughts?

    • You are right with that calculation, but I think differently on the conclusion. It is MUCH easier to get XP now from other sources so the game itself becomes more easy. To balance that I changed it beyond the simple conversion of money -> enchanted goods.

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