Upgrade Progress, New features

Here are short update summary:

  • All the plugins seem to be working fine except HeroChat. I have no idea how long that will take to fix.
  • All the maps are regenerated and working fine. I even managed to compile an updated verison of c10t, the 2D map renderer. I will keep the current system for now however and use the Dynmap generated 2D maps for the lots since it seems more sustainable. The only issue with that is the confusion between Lotmaps and the dynmap which now has a 3D and a 2D map. I might have to change the wording on the website for that to make it clearer.
  • I found a replacement for the end reset. It should reset the end 20 minutes after the last player left the end when the dragon is dead. Please test and tell me if that works
  • The shop should work with all new blocks available in the game
  • I have to fix the user list to check if they are banned since the banlist format in the game has changed.
  • Since the reddit-flush-in was about 2 months ago we have a lot of expired lots from then (20+) and I need to reset them. Prepare for a couple of restarts here.

Future (new) stuff to do

  • I want to connect the nether with the darklands, waiting for the nether portal plugin or at least the multiverse plugin to be updated to make sure this works fine. If there is no update in the coming 2 weeks I will go ahead anyhow.
  • I want to re-instate the kingdom and use the preciousstones plugin. I will most likely only offer 2 blocks, one for a chunk at a high price (1k uncs or more) and one for rail lines (long, thin) to keep it simple.
  • I want to re-enable the hunger games but need to test this. It’s quite annoying to test however. I do not know when to do that.
  • I want to replace mapmarkers and whitelist plugins since they are abandoned with alternative code. No change for the users however.

So before anyone comes to me with new stuff, please keep that list in mind. This stuff will give me enough to do for the coming 4 weeks.

5 thoughts on “Upgrade Progress, New features

  1. Good job, uncovery! I’m doubling your pay effective immediately!

  2. Good point, Sockso, you reminded me I’ve been sponging off the dole here long enough, time for me to drop some coin into the tip jar. Yay Uncovery!

  3. i keep encountering a bug with the minecart mania plugin where i get stuck in a minecart and it wont let me get out so i have to log out and log back in to get out of it

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