Skylands corrupted

The Skylands files are corrupted. Many chunks (mostly the empty though) are damaged and one cannot build there. I am currently evaluating what to do to fix it. At the minimum we will get a rollback. In the worst case scenario I will block building there and simply copy-paste one build after the other into a new world – however that will look like. The 200×200 lots are too big to reset so there might be some alternative in the works.

Currently the skylands are disabled, I will re-enable them once I know how to handle that.

3 thoughts on “Skylands corrupted

  1. Ouch, now I’m glad I moved my storage away from there 2 months ago. Otherwise I wouldn’t have access to my, well, everything, possibly forever.

  2. But, but.

    my everything is there o.0

    oh god >.<

    Praying you find some brilliant solution mate. best of luck.

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