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I finally could not find a non-broken Skylands copy in the backups of the last 2 weeks. So instead of making a month-long rollback I rather deprecate the skylands and create a new world from scratch that hopefully does not have the issues of the current one. Finally the skylands is the oldest existing world and that shows now. If I would restore an old copy the chances are high we would run into the same corruption as with the current one. I am suspecting that there is a flaw in the world file that disables importing it into 1.3.1

All of you who have stuff in the skylands can still access it. Most of the areas (if not all) that are affected by the bug have never been built on or are even empty. I would recommend however to move your chest contents out. For larger builds, I will help copy/pasting stuff out to the new skylands.

Now regarding the principle of the skylands: The current issue is that the 200×200 lots are not practical as I wrote before. They are too large to regenerate. I would have to make smaller lots. In order to compensate, I could give out several lots instead, depending on the level.

The big question however is this: Do we just want to have a “void” or do we want to have a skylands? Opinions welcome. Oh, and how to call it? We cannot have 2 skylands at the same time. The name should be something different. Ether?

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  1. I like the look of skylands. My vote is to make a new skylands. Some great builds and idea’s have come out of this world. Maybe it’s the light air. lol.

  2. Maybe just abandon the sky-lands, and give out more empire lots per rank?

  3. I am terribly sorry to hear about this issue not being rollbackable :(

    I could use a hand to shift my lot contents to a new skylands / whateveritscalledeventually world. Riedi and I have a large build incorporating vast quantities of sand / sandstone / spruce wood I’d hate to have to tear down.

    As far as many lots vs the size lots we have currently, i feel this is a good plan. Maybe 4 x 96 x 96 lots per skyland? Reduction in size, still multiples of chunk sizes but goodly sized overall.

    As far as new names go, i vote for “The Expanse” and see if we cant get a standard world with heaps of floating islands generated overhead.

  4. I don’t think there is any way to generate a normal world with skylands islands above it, it has to be either skylands all the way or just plain normal. I vote for a skylands with sky islands, because I love the look of it. SkylandsPlus (the plugin we use to generate skylands) is still being supported.

    I don’t have a name preference. The only problem with using “Ether” or “Aether” is that people might think we are running the actual mod with that name, which we aren’t.

    I think Sockso’s suggestion might arise from the fact that he wants more empire lots. ;) I note that he doesn’t have any sky lots despite being allowed two of them. Perhaps it would be possible to make the lots use them same lot “credits” as empire/flatlands, so once you have the rank for skylands, you can get a lot there, or just use those credits for more empire lots. That way people have their choice about whether to use skylands or jus thave more room in Empire. It also might help mitigate the phenomenon where people build a floor in skylands: If they really want a floor, they can just get an Empire lot instead.

    That’s definitely a thing with skylands, some of us love it, others are frustrated because they just want more normal lots at Citizen or whatever, and they can’t have them.

    Main difficulty with that is making the lots an appropriate size so that a credit applies to both worlds equally, because we don’t want the sky lots to be too big. Maybe there’s a way to work with the lot code to make it so that you can buy more sky lots per credit? I’d be happy to help with this.

    • I think this is a fantastic idea to have lot credits. I do not use my Skylands lot, and could definitely get more use out of having another Empire lot, or a Flatlands lot for example.

      I love the look of the Skylands, but I really do not have a use for it. The idea of ‘lot credits’ is genius! I vote for that, if it would be possible.

  5. Hee hee, I can’t even fill my current empire lots. I was just thinking of the simplest solution I could.

  6. Thats a cool idea about lot “credits” so to speak. maybe a spendable allowance system is the way to go?

  7. i think lot credits is a good idea, but i’m still looking forward to getting a skylands lot…

  8. is it possible to make 200×200 empire lots but in a different world where its all land or perhaps even another skylands world by a different name that is like the flatlands?

      • ok ya i was kinda skim reading i see what you mean ya i think having more empire lots would be a good idea. theres no void more space without having to cover the void up so i think alot more empire lots is a good idea

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