We are currently running a Intel Core Duo 2-Core with 2.8GHz and 8GB Ram. I had issues in the last months with the processor speed not being really able to handle all we want to do. Specially Chunk Loading and new chunk generation as well as the dynamic map are causing the most lag. You also know about the issues with too many mobs etc. Also, while the server is capped at 50 people, we would never be able to allow that many. I have 6GB allocated to the server currently (of 8 available) and with 1 user normally taking 200MB RAM, we would be able to let in a max of 30 people anyhow. But the processor already starts making some issues at 20, and you can feel it at 25 for sure. However, our active user base is increasing every day. We now have 700 active users (= lot owners) and the empire map is getting too small. There are hardly any more grass covered lots left as I wrote before in a blogpost.

So I have been evaluation the options and concluded that it is time for a hardware upgrade. We will be moving to a 16GB Intel Corei5 with 4 Cores, which will basically across different benchmarks double the processing power and of course the RAM. This should take off 100% of the load during peak time and allow more players with ease. It should also allow us to do some of the following:

  • Have several maps for group builds. One Normal (a.k.a Kingdom), and one skylands for example
  • Have multiple concurrent adventure maps where people can do quests as you know them from the Jogscast
  • Have less issues with mobs/animals etc
  • Keep more areas in RAM so they load faster
  • maybe even increase the viewing distance
  • Allow more users in at the same time, post more of the builds on reddit and increase the general standing and reputation of the player and it’s users.

So all in all we could have a more diverse and relaxed environment where I don’t have to chase down users because of their 20 sheep etc. We cover almost 2/3 of the server costs with Donations, which is quite amazing. Thanks again to all donators!  The current server costs 135 USD per month, the new one would be 200 USD. With the donations coming in as currently. I would be ready to spend the additional money for the server. if we have more users, maybe there will be more donators, too.

So standby for more info and schedule!

[Update]So I just called GoDaddy and it turns out they gave me the new server for the same price as the old server. So the additional costs for the new server is only the overlap time while I have both of them. Yay![/Update]



8 thoughts on “Hardware!

  1. Wow, that’s awesome! I’m so glad to see the server moving forward like this!

  2. Woooooooohoooooooo! Words can not explain how awesome this is! When the server is ready, perhaps i’ll start doing a bit of advertising. It would be interesting to see a group of 35-40 on at once! Thanks a lot Uncovery!

  3. yeah, well I plan to donate at some point, maybe not right now but maybe this winter or next summer I would have some free money I would be willing to donate.

    • When I’m actually able to drive and ya know, get a paycheck easier I’m donating all the time. (yes I’m 15 make fun of me)

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