Log reset galore! Thanks Azkedar!

Azkedar wrote a plugin for me to reset chunks. Together with some coding I did, I can now warp to a lot, wipe all owners and members, snow-flags etc in one go and then reset it in another go. The really cool thing however is that I can now reset unlimited lots w/o having to restart the server. That means that I can handle now lot resets and therefore a higher user turnover much easier. Seeing that out map gets fuller and fuller (we hardly have any lots free in the empire that are 100% grass covered), it suddenly becomes an option to enlarge the map again to make space for more people….

3 thoughts on “Log reset galore! Thanks Azkedar!

  1. So, imagine you typed /home and fell from the sky and lost all your valuable items, you could perhaps clear the lot space so said person could find another spot and start again in a fresh new lot? *wink wink nudge nudge*

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