Future contest system

I have thought on how to change and improve the contests so that people can participate no matter where their lot is. So here is the proposal:

For every future contest, I will make regions in either the skylands or flatlands where people can become members of to make their contest entries. This way, anyone can make an entry. If you are a flatlands owner, you can still go to the darklands and mine for stuff and use it for the contest. It will also make it easier for me to copy the entries and due to the region restriction there will be no more question how large to make it, and who make which contest entry. We will also be able to rate stuff easier, no more need for screenshots etc etc etc

All will be a whole lot easier.

8 thoughts on “Future contest system

  1. How about this, make a new world called the Contestlands, have it be similar to the Skylands.
    You get a small 25x25x1 area in the center to begin building, but the catch is that FLYING is enabled. This would allow people to nicely shape their 3D builds any way they want to, and would make copying to the flatlands a lot easier.

    • It’s difficult to mix creative and survival in one world. Also, I want survial to BE survival and not some mix between survival and creative.

  2. so anyone could be able to build in this region or do u have to apply for the lot like normal?

  3. So I guess the size for the contests will be standardized from now on assuming we proceed with this plan?

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