Uncovery 2 Year anniversary coming up!

Our 2nd anniversary is coming up with the 1st of November! I am thinking about things to do during that week and how to make this week special for everyone, old and new users alike! I would like to ask everyone for suggestions what to do during the week and on the anniversary, and how to engage users to join and do something special!

48 thoughts on “Uncovery 2 Year anniversary coming up!

  1. i dunno about the aniversary, but you should ask for birthdays and give people cakes on their birthdays

  2. Several small to midsize creative builds that everyone can join and contribute to, video’d and timelapsed :D

  3. We could plan a large scale hunger games. Try to get as many people to get involved and make the prize something really valuable. I feel like a large scale survival game on the server would be pretty fun!

    • I really like this idea, I think it would be a lot of fun and it would be quite practical to set up and coordinate

    • This would be a cool, awesome thing to do, BUT if EVERYONE was online, it would be filled and very laggy, that is the only reason i don’t agree with this.

  4. I am not sure, but we should call in someone like hen to do a video of whatever we are doing. And we need to show the fun of the people of the server along with what we are going to do. Sure, the server is important, but the people are what make any server special! Whatever we do, we must show people outside the server why it is so good with a good video.

    • Churned, your idea is great, but I really think more players will make mine, and other people’s computers crash of the lag, mine is already slowing down because of this.

  5. we should have an architect spawn like have all the architects get together on a flatlands lot and make it how they see fit

  6. I really like psiber’s idea . We should have an anniversy contest! Maybe split into teams and try to make something awesome :D :P :D

    • I like that idea too and lets make an Anniversary Square in the city.

    • I kinda agree, but we ALWAYS build! I know it’s what a building server is for, but I would like a more, out of the box type thing.

  7. maybe we could get everyone to make something that reminds them of this server with a story sign on it and have loads of them in a lane so like a memory lane?

  8. We could have a massive treasure hunt. Essentially, make a copy of the city world and put it up as a temporary map. Perhaps a few non-participating users could write a series of stories that would lead players through the map, and eventually to a chest full of goodies. The first to get there would claim the prize. In doing so, everyone could fully explore the city world, which has been a showcase for many of the server’s most impressive builds, old and new.

    • I would like this, but (Mr. Negative here) elders and master built the spawn, they would get a a boost in it seeing they have put all the blocks to make the spawn.

      • Seeing as 90% of the users on the server are not Masters or Elders, this treasure hunt could be only for Architects and below! Just a thought.

        • But the masters and elders are the people that helped the most to make this server what this is. We should do something else with masters and elders if we dont include them.

  9. How about some “chunky” renders for some new banners?

  10. We also could “clean up” our worlds and help eachother to finish builds.

  11. Wow, it’s been that long already??? (Dang I’m old) Hmmm, letsee, what would be fun… how about an UncoveryCon in Vegas? Nah, leave that for year 5. Oh, I know! How about we run a contest with everyone creating a large “2”, in any style, and we have one of our video masters fly by them to make a recording. Then put all the 2’s in a youtube video with music, with a caption at the end “Uncovery Minecraft: 2 Years of Happy Building” (or something). Reddit the video, and profit!

    • Uhhh? I really do think this is a good idea, but not really a get together thing, and it’s not really fun and exciting, maybe put this as a contest and do something else? Sorry for my Negative comments, I just want everything perfect :D

    • Ok, Ok… but we do the UncoveryCon for year 3 in either D.C., Philly, or New York. (I have several more ppl to organize to get there…) but I like the “Photo 2” video idea.

      • I’d be at UncoveryCon in Chicago, St. Louis, or Indianapolis. Plus, it could be a masquerade ball too. We wear our Skins as steve helmets so we know who everyone is.
        Completely what-if statement though.

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