World plans: Kingdom, City, Skylands

Here is some info about what will happen in the future with the worlds Kingdom, City and skylands. First:


  • The city cannot be enlarged currently w/o creating chunk breaks. Since it was created before the jungle biomes came out, enlarging the city would mean to terraform around a very large area.
  • Kingdom is becoming popular, but what to do with finished builds? If we leave them there, people will not be able to fly around them like the city. If we copy them to the city, we need massive amounts of terraforming.
  • Skylands has an issue with lot resets. Since the new lot reset function depends on the lots starting in line with save-file-chunks, and the skylands lot does not do that, I cannot reset skylands lots w/o accidentally cutting into neighbor lots.


  • I will create an exact copy of the kingdom. It will be managed the same way as the city. When a kingdom lot is finished, I will move the chunks with the finished builds to the new kingdom – with the same function that is currently used to reset lots. Then I will copy the built-in areas from the current city into the new kingdom, close down the city and make the new kingdom the new city. Then we have a better environment to deal with huge builds and have people see what was built. This will have to happen only when the first mega-build is ready to be copied to the city.
  • I will delete the empty lots in the skylands. Then I will create a new set of lots that actually align with the chunks. Then, I will delete all of the new lots that overlap with existing lots. When an existing lot expires, I will remove it also and fill the space with the new, regeneratable lots. When a new lot expires, it will be regenerated normally.