Skylands discontinued – Aether is here!

I have removed all free lots from the skylands and will not give out new lots there anymore. I am instead now creating the “aether” where new lots will be given out. It is essentially the same except:

  • the lots are 192×192 instead of 200×200 since the 200×200 does not align with the save-file chunks can can therefore not automatically be reset.
  • there are mobs now in the aether, just like everywhere else where we have survival

Current users of the skylands are encouraged, but not forced to move to the aether. If you do not use your skylands lot or only for mining, please comment here and I will remove you from your lot. You will then be able to register a new one in the aether world.

37 thoughts on “Skylands discontinued – Aether is here!

  1. I didn’t really use my Skyland lot, so you can remove me from sky_J8

  2. PVP is on in aether.
    Different inventory for aether and empire

  3. Haven’t done anything on my skylands lot so you can remove me from that lot xD

  4. you can remove me as well unc I haven’t been there to do much in a while I just went and got what I wanted to keep thanks.

  5. Exterminate my ownership over SKY_H10 and SKY_J9.


  6. awww… so this meanse that i cant get a skylands lot when i become a citizen?

  7. Go ahead and remove me. Just emptied my chests there. Thanks! :)

    • Thanks for removing my skylands lots, unfortunately, the Aether form is not working correctly. I get the output below:

      Trying to buy lot aet_f6 in world aether for user Array
      Checking when ou logged in last… 2012-9-17
      Checking that the lot aet_f6 exists in world aether…. OK

      Checking if the lot is still free… OK
      Checking that you still have available lots in world aether….
      You own the lot con_29_26
      You own 1 lots and can have a max of !
      You have -1 lots left in the world aether.
      You do not have any available lots

      You failed the application. Please press the back-button on your browser and try again

      I even abandoned the contest lot 29/26, and it still says I own it. I also tried for aet_f5, as well.

      • abandoning a contest does not actually remove you from the contest lot. I am fixing that issue now. Want to un-abandon your contest now?

  8. The Aether 2D Map isn’t listing me + when I got there, I had no permissions. oO

    • Since you reserved it before abandoning your skylands lot I removed you again. Please reserve a lot again.

  9. SKY_F12, once the pride off every member of the inPact, is now nothing more than a memory.
    Where there were once glorious buildings, owned by the most important members of the inPact, only dirt ruins remain.
    The ghosts of the residents are still there, in the deep darkness. They are calling your name, uncovery.
    ‘Set us free! Save us from the horrors inside these ruins! Deny our oppressor of his rights to this land, and let us be free once more.’

    You should answer their calls, liberate them from me, their tyrant. For there is currently no peace among those held captive inside these ruins.

  10. Cut me off from SKY_K10 FOREVER! If you would be so kind :3

  11. If you could remove me(d_9), t’would be very nice. Gratias ago tibi! :D

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