15 thoughts on “Banned GodofDeath2000, rsrulesusuk for Xraying!

  1. umm do i need to get a new digging style because (this is in honest words altho don’t sound it) i dig in a particular way 2 high 1 wide usually in a zig zag or curvy pattern till i find something i want to mine = some what of a clear path (but never once have i used the X-ray mod (i didn’t even know mods could be used on servers :/ except by the host. if that means that it appears that i do that umm i guess i can try digging a new way so it does not look that way. and again i promise i don’t use mods i haven’t even figured out how to install any anyway XD ha too stupid to figure that (crap) out. uncovery please don’t confuse that of me.

    ima good boy i swear! :)

    • Don’t worry. I know when people use xray. If you do not, you do not have an issue. I can detect the “wrong” mining pattern.

    • dude, i know exactly how u feel. When he said Clear Mining Pattern I tried looking it up. To see what not to do. I mine in no certain way. 3 up, and just go straight, till u hit something or lava. Then if I find a cave i just mine minerals I see then always carry a water bucket. But I mean I have adhd, so I am also random depending on my mood. I have never used a mod either. I think they are useless, and take the fun out of the game. Sometimes I even I will clear out a huge area, to get cobblestone. I have only been playing minecraft for about 2 months, and really never seen proper ways to mine. I just did it how i feel. So I dont know either, I guess if someone says “Hey that pattern looks like this or this”, then i guess i some how made a pattern by accident. That really bothers me, because if there is no 100 percent proof that someone is using a mod, then it might be there word against yours. Of course its Unc’s final word.

      • my good man unc knows there are several factors unc can use to find if 1 is x raying some of witch i am not sure i can mention coz unc already has not but some i can
        1- ur not hitting expensive metals ever few secs
        2- ur metal mining is within a given location then u move on to another u dont keep tunneling to diamond/gold/whatever all over the place
        there u go 2 reasons that u wont get banned unjustly and i can think of a dozen more remember man if ur still here then u likely wont get banned at all unc is not stupid XD

  2. When “naturally” mining you mine a fairly consistent set of ratios of different types of materials.

    When these ratios become skewed the mod flags it. the more skewed it becomes, the flags stack up and unc goes looking for answers.

    If unc tp’s to the coords and finds a beeline from ore to ore with no exploring / sidepaths as you naturally must do when mining, there’s gonna be a banning.

    Correction, yet ANOTHER banning. Be warned xrayers, he will catch you.

  3. Does Optifine Count has Hacks or Mods? because so far i have been play with optifine but thats it :3

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