by the way… Kingdom is not large biomes.

I had a suspicion before, but now confirmed it: I must have made a mistake when first generating the kingdom world. It is NOT large biomes but just normal. I have rendered a map of how it would look like if it was large biomes and while the center looks quite similar, all the rest from there is quite different. Take a look here. It is essentially zooming the whole map in by a factor 4. Given the fact that large biomes are that large… I guess this is a good thing.

2 thoughts on “by the way… Kingdom is not large biomes.

  1. They really dont need to be any larger….

    Large biomes are kind of crazy without /fly and /speed…

  2. This is actually good news, considering the unreasonable size of them would make constructing a kingdom difficult due to lack of various landscapes.

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