A ban and some technical stuff

I have banned the user LevahjAK for Xraying. In other news, I have transferred all the worlds we have maps for onto a RAMdisk in the hope to reduce lag. We will see how that works. If you have an idea about linux HD caching and java memory settings you can read this here and try help me optimize the settings for the server.

And now to something completely different: I have finally capitalized all the ranks in the same way.

5 thoughts on “A ban and some technical stuff

  1. How would you prevent the world’s on the RAMdisk from being lost if the server were to crash?

    • I do not. I don’t care.

      Just kidding. The worlds a synced with a version of the HD every 5 minutes. Also, the server itself has not ever crashed in the 2 years I have it.

      • lol
        Cool, just wondering. Great to know you thought of it!

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