Parkour Contest

The parkour contest is now copied over and ready for voting for those who have not done so yet. There were quite some issues with this one. First of all, I got delayed several times copying the entries. Luckily, with the new system, that will not happen again. Second of all, during the contest several of the people who submitted an entry moved their lot to the empire and the lot was reset. In the end we have 3 entries of which 1 I am not even sure who built it since it does not match at all the description (himisawesome’s one). I sent an email to him but did not get an answer. On top of that one user made the surface that much bigger than the rules stated and he refused to change it, so I disqualified him.

All the entries are now in the flatlands lot K10. Please go there ASAP and vote if you have not. I will close this finally on Friday.