31 thoughts on “xXGCBHXx banned for Xray

  1. Jeez, you think they would learn by now…
    Might I suggest a question about this for either the general sign up quiz or the lot application quiz?

  2. Oh so sad. Yet another player bit by the greed bug. Icecream was funny in chat. Too bad.

  3. Would not make a difference, the cheaters will still keep trying.

  4. I don’t know, install the plugin orebfuscator, xray will not work anymore

    • Orebfuscator is extremely CPU intensive. It’s probably not worth sacrificing the quality of the server experience if existing methods are working,

  5. Please unban me, I did not Xray! I’m not a cheater and I would never! Please uncovery! respond ASAP.

      • I can’t be unbanned for somehting that I didnt even do??

        • See the section of the website about “second chances”

            • You CAN be unbanned if it is clear that the ban was not justified. You CANNOT be unbanned when the ban was justified.

              • Lol Banned seriously though fun server had fun well it lasted ^_^ you really do make a good server. Had a good time Goodbye all ;)

      • So.. I cant be unbanned? But… I didn’t do anything wrong and I was having so much fun! I’m sorry Uncovery, and everyone on the server… But even if I don’t get another change I want to say I can assure you guys I didn’t do it. And Uncovery, what I said about your server just might being the best one out there… I was right. If you could unban me, I’d be so greatful… but if you cant trust me, you have every right to do what’s best for you and the server. I apologize for wasting your time.


        • What?! I’m unbanned?? Thank you, Uncovery. And I’ll asure you nothing of this matter will ever happen with me.

            • I havent been unbanned yet, Uncovery hasnt gotten to it I don’t think.

                • Thank you Uncovery, do you mind me asking when is the next restart, and why is the ban message now, “The Ban Hammer has spoken”

  6. Welcome back Icecream. Very glad to hear that you did not use xray and that you are back. Hugs.

  7. Ok also who use the term greed bug I mean seriously?! (no offense just asking.)

  8. Because I am banned i have a few requests which u are not obligated to comply with though i would appreciate it. 1.) I would Like to be put on the ban list (UBER DUMBASS WOULD BE COOL AS WELL.)

    2.) I didn’t do it because i was greedy or wanted diamonds i Was bored… People do stupid stuff when they’re bored. <—- more of a statement than a request

    and 3.) That nobody is to protest my ban as I see that it's fair as I did X-Ray. soo yeah all I gotta say.

    • I’m sorry, but by attempting to be civil in light of your ban you have lost all hope of being labeled as a “UBER DUMBASS.” You will be lucky to be listed any higher than simple “Dumbass” at this rate.

      Also, changing your behavior now to be more of a dumbass won’t help, as we will see right through your plans. Sorry.

      • I wonder now… how did bladeexxxx earn this title anyway, I kinda missed that one… I mean you really have to flip stuff up big time or something…

        • I mean I don’t miss bladeexxxx, I don’t even know him/her/it… I mean I missed the circumstances under which he/she/it got banned.

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