What I do not like to see at 8:00am.

I know this is a rant, but I am the admin, so yeah….

Got this email:

Ok so i just recently signed up for uncovery but i forget my email that i used to get the password but i didnt think it would matter so i just carried on but then i wanted land but i could because i need to login so can you delete my account from the website so i can start again? Also hiosa Helped me and told me you could help

Sent this answer:

1) if you want to be understood, use punctuation. I guess you do not want to be understood. Why should I read it then?
2) how shall I guess your email? I did not even get your username from you? Who are you? Are you stupid?
3) Did you try this here: http://uncovery.me/wp-login.php?action=lostpassword ? you only need your username there, not your email. You will get an email to the address you chose.

Your request is SO stupid, malformed and unhelpful that you BETTER NOT tell me your username. I would ban you otherwise for asking stupid questions, according to the rules. So you sort out your trouble by yourself, otherwise it was your last day on my server.

Update: His reply:

I was typing fast because I was talking to people… Sorry? But thanks for nothing.

My reply:

You made a mistake by forgetting your email address. Then expect me to help, but you do not give me ANY information that enables me to help you. You do it in a way that makes it even hard to read your question. Because you did not feel it was important enough to stop whatever else you are doing. But you expect me to stop whatever I am doing and guessing who you are and what you want.

And you tell ME “Thanks for nothing”?. Well you are welcome.

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  1. Rants are necessary sometimes. The lack of grammar is quite an annoyance. Hopefully things get worked out and he/she is capable of handling this ‘difficult’ situation.

  2. There is an awful lot on words on the website, perhaps you should add an abbreviated version to make it easier for people. I suggest this:

    tl;dr – go elsewhere

  3. Oh you know Unc – these are all “digital natives” – they expect that if they open/handle any device or homepage, software (whatever) it should work automatically because they want or touch it once – one try should be enough. It’s like working with educables ;)

    • … and Steve Jobs newest invention “iGohst” is hovering over them – don’t forget that next time you read a message like this!

  4. Don’t worry Uncovery, rants are perfectly fine, and I agree, the guy needs to learn how to write….

  5. You have a lot more patience than I have. I wouldn’t had even entertained that with a response at all.

  6. Ah I suspect who this is. While I can’t remember the whole username off the top of my head (Svan-something) they eventually used their alt account to sign up. So the issue is resolved I guess.
    They complained their username was “Taken already” so they couldn’t sign up on the website. The server turned into Uncovery Tech Support for a good 10 minutes after that, explaining the whitelist and email and recover password function. Blerg.

      • Well then my suspicions are incorrect.

        So is forgetting your email address really that common of a problem?

        • No its not that common Ive had my email for years and haven’t forgotten it once :)

    • You’re right, Underbridge! Ahh.. the entertainment! XD

  7. I made an account, just to respond to this nonsense, since I was hoping to join this Server…

    The user’s request was simple, polite (despite all this syntax errors and so forth), and actually a pretty common issue in most Whitelist Servers, so for you, admin or not, to respond to him that way, was just poor judgment. How can you hold a position if you aren’t prepared for ‘dumb’ questions like this to come in by the truckload?
    I know you may have been tired, in a bad mood, or simply put off by his horrible grammar (which is also common, since not everyone is adept at typing things out, especially since users that don’t speak English as a first language are quite common as well), but calling someone stupid for not asking a question the way YOU want it asked, is hardly fair. I was honestly considering joining this Server, since it seemed to have a very nice layout and setup, but with the attitude from its leaders that seems to be only laughed at here, I think I’ll pass. I’m not recommending this place either. You have a good day, and I sincerely hope you learn to deal with ‘stupid’ questions better in the future.

    • There is a perfectly good website that you have found seeing you posted on it, but if there is a easy and noob friendly page on how to become settler and knowing that you could not follow simple instructions to get yourself building rights. The fact is why even waste time to write such a dumb question and send it to a hard working admin when you could have easily looked on the website.

    • First off, this user’s request was not at all simple. It was convoluted, ludicrous and made absolutely no sense whatsoever. How is Uncovery, or any admin for that matter supposed to determine the email associated with that account? The answer, is obviously nobody. This becomes increasingly apparent when you consider the fact that this server has roughly four thousand registered members. Hence, this user’s request was a waste of time on his part, Uncovery’s part, and frankly everyone’s part. This is likely what prompted Uncovery “Not to respond[in a polite way]”, as you suggest.

      Secondly, Uncovery, nor the rest of the server are here to ‘babysit’ people. If this user had taken matters in to his own hands, and shown initiative,(like the other several THOUSAND users on this server) or even competently formed his supposedly “Simple”, question, this post would have never been made. We face idiots like this several times a day. With only one admin, and 11 moderators, it is often difficult to regulate such stupidity; ergo, rather than wasting our time on someone, who requires excessive aid in acquiring information pertaining to what to do, and where to go, we simply direct them to the website, or in more serious cases ban them.

      Thirdly, the fact that there is a website that explains things should suggest that there is NO NEED for a user to send Uncovery an email, especially considering the question he(presumably) asked, if you can call it that, has been answered already several times on the forums. I will say it once again. If this user had shown some diligence(or at least used a spell check), perhaps this blog entry wouldn’t exist.

      Finally, good luck in finding another server, especially one of the same quality that allows for the stupidity expressed in the blog post. Also, your recommendation and/or presence on this server is not needed. This server has been very well-established without it.

  8. You can’t teach stupid and you don’t learn stupid. Your born stupid. Anyone wanting to join this site would just take the time to read thru the whole web site, 99.9% of the time the answer’s are right there. The problem is people are to lazy to read. I side with unc on this.
    Just my two cents worth.

  9. Hmm. Another case of someone NOT READING THE DAMN WEBSITE. Seesh!

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