Cheat detection installed

I have since some days a cheat detection installed. It sends me warnings about people trying to use all kings of tricks to kill or mine faster, and all kinds of other stuff.

I observed the results for a few days and talked to a couple of users that showed up on the alerts. Some of the users admitted to using some form of cheat, such as a gamer mouse that clicks faster than normal. Most however said that they do not use that or do not even know what a hacked client was. Interestingly, ALL of those that said they had no idea, stopped showing up on the alerts – magically as it seems.

So I want to give now a warning to all users that I will be enforcing bans on such cheating. So you better get a vanilla client and switch off the speed features on your mouse or it’s been the longest time you have been on the server.

20 thoughts on “Cheat detection installed

  1. how about high sensitivity on the mouse? that is allowed, right? since it is even a setting inn the vanilla game menue

    • Can we please stop the panic-questions right now and here? Can you read again what is written up there? There is really no need to go through all settings in minecraft vanilla now and asking if they will get you banned. A little common sense would be great.

    • Anything 901 dpi and above results in an insta ban! Let me check what mine is. Oh, it just happens to be set at 900. What a coincidence. Whew! What a relief!

      You twelve-hundreds better get the heck out. I don’t think you can even pass the guest exam at 1800. And 3500 is just an urban myth anyways.

  2. Unc said gamer mouse that clicks faster, DPI doesn’t make you click faster, it makes you rotate faster, which honestly shouldn’t be a problem. If it is, I’m going to be annoyed, because as a gamer, I always have my mouse set as 1800. 900 is just too slow for me.

    Would like some clarification on this.

    • I think you got your clarification when Unc called the question about DPI a “Panic question,” don’t you agree? I am not sure why it would even occur to anyone that DPI could possibly be a problem. It’s just silly.

      • Fredde was talking about sensitivity. If you have a good gamer mouse, Sensitivity and DPi are two very different things. I understood Unc’s post just fine, it was Sock’s post that made me question it, since he came on rather strong with his “Anything 901 dpi and above is insta ban” I’d rather look stupid and reiterate the question again to be sure, than be banned for something I knew shouldn’t be true.

  3. LoL. Yeah, I was just kidding around. Hope I didn’t frighten anyone.

  4. Was using a gold shovel on sand and it happened to me. Would not use gold tools. They go too fast and the blocks keep coming back. Was way out in Darklands with no other mats so changed to stone. High eff diamond pickaxe will also do that on chests.

  5. Disgraces! What is the point in a game if you have less rungs on your ladder than everyone else?

  6. i don’t know if this is a stupid question or not? But will this finally catch those X-Rayers or will we still have to just talk for people who use mods?

  7. I just got a message on the game saying that I was mining too quickly. I’d hate to get banned for something when I wasn’t doing anything wrong. I was using a diamond pick with unbreakable 3 on it and just holding my mouse button while digging a straight tunnel. If this is going to cause me to get flagged I can make myself dig slower, but I don’t understand why I was told I was going too fast in the first place.

    On a side note. I’ve been having some issues actually mining blocks. They disappear for a moment and then come back, causing me to have to mine them a second time. I don’t know if this had anything to do with my flagging for mining too quickly.

    • It’s the same thing. The cheat protection alerts me and at the same time puts back the block. I am still fine tuning the system, that’s why you did not get banned. There are definitely some false positives.

  8. Wait a second, what is extra fast clicking…?
    Am I going to be banned if I have fast fingers… :P

  9. Oh FINALLY! I’m very glad you put this in, Uncovery! Now nobody will be falsely accused of cheating again!

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