IMPORTANT: 1.4 Coming – What will happen?

We will deal with the 1.4 update (we are currently on version 1.3.2) just the same way we dealt with former updates. Here a short wrap-up for those who do not know:

  • All the new cool features of 1.4 (anvils, beacons etc) will not work until we have 1.4 installed.
  • In order to install 1.4, we need to make sure that the server software we are using (bukkit) and all the important plugins are upgraded and work fine with it. Until all the plugins are updated, it can take any time from 3 days until 4 weeks. We do not know.
  • Once we will move to 1.4, all your possessions and lots will be transferred along. You will not lose anything.
  • In the meantime, while we wait for everything to be 1.4 ready, I will start a parallel temp 1.4 server on a different port. Anyone will be able to play on the temp server, but there will be no protection (it will be similar to the darklands). The temp server will have a new map with only one world (+nether & end) and with only limited plugins (no shop etc), if any at all.
  • You can choose if you want to play 1.3.2 with all your current builds and protection OR on 1.4 with the new features, but w/o proper protection and in a new world. In order to stay on 1.3.2, it is important that you do NOT upgrade your minecraft client when asked to do so. Once you upgrade, you cannot re-download the 1.3.2 version from legal sources. You can however keep 1.3.2 on your computer with a tool and run 2 versions at the same time with a special tool. I recommend to install those BEFORE 1.4 comes out: Use MC Jar switcher or Magic launcher.
  • The world that we create for the temp 1.4 will likely become the new darklands in the future – as announced. The current darklands might be removed. Since there will be new features in the 1.4 version (such as silverfish spawning in the hills biomes along with a higher frequency of emeralds), we want to make a use of that. I also think that it would be good to reset the nether which looks more like a minefield by now.
  • Inventory of your player that you carried while playing on the 1.4 temp server will be lost when we upgrade the 1.3.2 server to 1.4. If you stashed stuff on the map, it will be in the upgraded server as the new darklands. Whatever you had on the (current) old darklands will be gone. Same for the nether.
  • Regarding the new control blocks, it is unlikely that those will be available since they allow admin-only functions.

If you have questions, please ask them ASAP so that there are no regrets for lost stuff once we upgrade.

22 thoughts on “IMPORTANT: 1.4 Coming – What will happen?

  1. I wish you all the best and good luck with updating the server!

  2. :( My blaze farm and darklands stuff all gone… Better tear those down

  3. QUESTION: So what I’m carrying right now in my inventory, I should put in a chest or it’ll disappear?

    Good Idea with the temp map, Uncovery! :D

    • “Inventory of your player that you carried while playing on the 1.4 temp server will be lost when we upgrade the 1.3.2 server to 1.4.”

      Your Survival inventory from the Empire worlds will remain unchanged when the upgrade comes around.

        • “If you stashed stuff on the map, it will be in the upgraded server as the new darklands.”

          Do we really have to read this for you?

          • Lol, I read it but It said if any questions, please ask them ASAP.

  4. I know for fact I speak on behalf of several/many users when I say I would not like the Nether upgraded. I searched for weeks to find a double blaze spawner, then went through so much trouble to create a mechanism that I can now use to get XP fast and efficiently. Not only this, but I have a second Nether base at an undisclosed location that took roughly 30 hours of game time to trek to that.

    Yo say the Nether looks like a minefield. Would this be the only reason to upgrade? I’d be open to the idea of resetting the Nether spawn, maybe like the first 500×500 block region so it looks less like a “minefield” around spawn. Nothing beyond that point, at least from my understanding, looks like a minefield.

    tl;dr Please do not reset Nether. Please.

        • Not sure yet. But most likely not for someone telling me that the game is so easy and convenient because of the current nether.

      • Then maybe we could set up a enderman farm? Not sure if this is a very good idea, since the End is always being reset and even if this farm is a go, too many players would want to use it…

        Another idea, is someone can fly to Stockholm and confront Jeb :D

        • I think this could be a good alternative, although it would take some plugin changes I think.

    • I’ve spent a considerable amount of time in the nether. Double blaze spawner, and along with luklukk a giant 1700-piston redstone zombie pigman trap, including putting cobblestone slabs on every surface in a 360-diameter sphere centered on the trap.

      You know what? Doesn’t matter. The nether is not a protected building area, it’s always been build at your own risk. I’ll collect the resources I spent on the pig trap (not the slabs,who cares about those), and minecraft life goes on. Exploring anew is fun.

      It’s kind of disingenuous to plead about how much time you spent in the nether when you didn’t exactly pick the most efficient way to go about your business. It doesn’t take weeks to find a double blaze spawner. There’s no reason you need to walk tens of kilometers out in a single direction to make a base. That’s just the way you chose to play.

      As you are aware, the nether has been reset more than once in the past, and it’ll probably be reset again in the future.

  5. I’m all for the nether being reset and I have a blaze farm there. Change is good :) We’ll get wither skeletons with an update!!

    • Then everyone can create wither bosses on their empire lots!!! and scare people with Steve heads on their walls!!

  6. When its decided that the nether is being reset, will that be announced? I don’t want to pull all the stuff out of the nether until I know for sure that it is being reset.

  7. How will voting/rewards be handled during the transition? I’d like to continue voting and accumulating my meager uncs (So I can pay azkedar for….unmentionables…) but will it all still be counted during the ‘limbo’ phase? Perhaps just spooled up on the main server and then paid out all at once when the update is complete for SMP? J/W, obviously a small concern in the grand scheme of things

  8. would this mean that stuff in enderchests in darklands will be wiped. also if you put stuff in enderchests on the temp server, when it migrates does it wipe your current inventory on the current darklands?

    • Ender Chest contents are stored with your userfile, not the world they are in. The userfile of the temp world will be deleted, the one from the main server will remain.

  9. Well, the update was supposed to come out today. Unfortunately, Mojang found a bug where you could put any block in your armor slots. They delayed it until tomorrow, thus making the new update 1.4.1 instead of 1.4.

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