New breeding limits!

Instead of running around searching for large farms, we have now hardcoded breeding limits. This means that any attempt to breed more animals than configured will fail. That includes the use of spawn eggs. If you use a spawn egg to create an animal despite having reached the limit, the egg will be gone, but you will NOT get an additional animal. So please be careful what you do.

How do you know if you reached your limit? Use the /headcount command. In worlds with lots, the count goes per lot. In worlds w/o lots (darklands, nether), it goes per chunk (16×16 blocks). Here are the limits for sheep, cows, chicken & pigs:

  • Lot worlds: 10 each per lot
  • Other worlds: 5 each per chunk

That means that you can have maximal 40 animals per lot or 20 per chunk depending on the world. If there are animals spawning by themselves in your lot, they will count into that number. PLEASE do not take this as an encouragement to always have minimum 40 animals on your lot. The more animals, the more lag! If you had more animals already, they will not be automatically killed, but please reduce the animals to the limit.

Azkedar helped to modify an existing plugin to enable this, so thanks a lot to our C0dr!

7 thoughts on “New breeding limits!

  1. Crud! accidentally disliked! :I Lol, my neighbor had like 300 chickens and they’re all gunna die! XD

  2. I think the limit should be three of each, but this is a good move regardless :)

    • How can you look my sheep in the eye and say this? /sad face

  3. Just slaughtered my herd :D

    Might be an inane question, but if we are actively working/ranching in a chunk, are we allowed to exceed the limit while we’re there as long as we don’t leave the animals (and the chunk) active once we leave the area or log off? Just wondering if I could do mass breeding/ranching on my land for awhile and then thin the herd back down to minnimum once I’m done?

    • a) you cannot exceed the limit anymore. It is technically impossible now
      b) you can make a larger farm let’s say in the darklands by making several farms over several chunks (every 16 blocks)
      c) do so only temporarily until you farmed what you need, then kill the animals.

  4. does this mean i can’t place down a mooshroom egg because i got one from voting and bought one. when i placed the eggs down they disappeared and well no mooshroom.. :-(

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