2 Years Anniversary Goodie No.1!

I have just finished the first 2-year anniversary goodie! I release this one a bit ahead of time since I might be busy during November.


Skyblock is a game where you start off on a small island in the air. You have very limited resources and you need to survive as long as possible. You can buy a skyblock for 5000 Uncs on the website and warp there with a command. If you think you cannot progress further (if you lost too much stuff etc), you can abandon it with another in-game command – but be careful!

  • Once you abandon your lot, you can only get a new lot after waiting for the next reboot AND paying 5000 Uncs again!
  • Everyone can have only one skyblock at a time.
  • But you can as always add other people to your lot!
  • 2D and 3D maps have been updated, too!
  • Inventory is of course seperate
  • XP is shared between the worlds
  • Shops & deposit are not accessible
  • We have 400 skyblocks so there should be enough for everyone.
  • You can die as often as you want and warp back to your lot.
  • In case your tree does not drop saplings there is a kit with one sapling and a timeout of 6 hours: /kit skyblock

Use the /skyblock command in-game for warping and abandoning!


5 thoughts on “2 Years Anniversary Goodie No.1!

  1. Hmm…… I see a loophole!!! Couldnt everyone just… Connect their skyblocks and have LOTS of resources?

  2. May I suggest adding a block of sand into the /kit sky-block for the cactus? Or putting a block in all the chests?

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