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I have thought how to expand the skyblock experience. I saw that some commercial servers sell you blocks in the skyblock environment for real cash. While I will not charge real cash to people, I thought it would be interesting to let people buy certain things that allow for an expanded gameplay – at a price, and for Uncs of course. The question is what those could be. Ideas are:

  • redstone dust – 100 Unc/pcs
  • glowstone dust – 100 Uncs/pc
  • things for minecart systems like rails and ev. coloring that you cannot get otherwise currently for the minecart woolblocks – are there any?
  • what else? what prices? It should make it interesting but not much easier!

Also, the standard outfit seems to be missing a sandblock. I will probably be placing that in all new lots tomorrow and place one sandblock on each occupied lot, too.

Since we have warping to every lot, minecarts are maybe not very attractive. I wonder if warping should be limited a bit to make minecarts more interesting. We can limit warping to lots where you actually have buildrights. Not sure how to make that more dynamic.

Another thing that could be done is make a couple of lots hardcore lots with only one cube of ice and one bucket of lava on the island – nothing else.

Any other ideas like skyblock that we could put on the map to have a higher diversity are welcome! Since we have 400 lots we can do 4-6 different types of games!

Also BIG question: Should creepers do block damage in the skyblocks? Currently they do not, if we do a hardcore version they should definitely, but I think they also should do damage in the normal lots… finally we switched it off in the empire to allow nice builds. The skyblocks is a different matter though.

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  1. THe shop idea was very good, pistons could REALLY keep in genorators, but the hrad coore idea is kinda iffy, you can’t have wood? how will you break blocks? It just needs a tree and then it will be hardcore. :P

  2. The shop idea: I love the idea of it , maybe include different colored wools so we can use the plugin minecart mania? , the prices are a little high depending on the item the price should be change. Redstone dust should be like 50 uncs per piece , glowstone also. I like the idea of hardcore lots , but maybe warn people when buying?. Warping to lots should be available to only the people that own building rights.

    • I was thinking of only allowing you to make colors and then through farming sheep you can get colored wool. We need a list of the base materials needed to make all the colors. Squid could be farmed by making a larger water basin for example.

      Of course people can knowingly chose if they want a hardcore lot or a normal one.

      • The only thing (beyond what we have available to us currently) needed to make all colors is lapis and cocoa beans. Bones from skellies, flowers from bone meal, ink sacs from a large pool o’ squid, and cactus will make up the remaining colors.

      • For dyes, the base colors are made from the following materials: Roses, Dandelions, Lapis, Cactus, Ink Sacks, Bonemeal, and Coca Beans.

        Everything else is made from a combination of those colors. The only two that are not available already are cocoa beans and lapis. And without jungle trees, cocoa beans cannot be farmed, so adding just the beans to the shop would still make them a limited resource.

  3. What if, instead of uncs, we traded stacks of cobblestone or wood for these items?

  4. I think purchasing extra items is perfect. I don’t believe limiting warps should be used. Creepers shouldn’t do block damage.
    Items to sell at 100 uncs a piece.

    redstone dust
    glowstone dust
    buckets of lava/water
    saplings of birch/pine/jungle

    You should not add minecart tracks because it is possible to get iron from zombies. You just need to build a mob spawner.

    • I thought that specially the stuff that is in the initial offering should not be given again. Otherwise we can also cancel the abandoning. I think it is important that you can lose the lava bucket and then have to restart from scratch. The pressure is important to make the game more exciting.

      • So you aren’t gonna sell for example new lava buckets? That’d mean that I have to abandon my and thomas6886’s lot because that cobble generator failed again.. (not sure if it’s my fault or a serious bug, but yeah…)

        • You do not seem to understand how the skyblocks work. Let me explain:

          You pay 5’000 as a deterrent to lose. Not because I need the money. You are supposed to have an incentive NOT to screw up. If I make it easy to get replacements, then I can equally let you build in the empire. It is SUPPOSED to be hard. And you are SUPPOSED to be able to screw up by losing stuff etc, and therefore being forced to cooperate with someone else or to be forced to buy another skylands lot.

          And honestly, if your first experience did not teach you to chose a different design for the cobble machine, then I cannot help you either. There are so many different ones where your mistake will not be an issue.

          • Well, I know how to make a generator, and a tower creator with lava. Unfortunately, when I placed my lava on my 10 minute old skyblock lot, it vanished. It was surrounded on 5 sides by dirt/grass; turned around, gone.

            And I was seriously looking forward to doing some skyblock building. Grrr. So much for being careful.

      • You should only be aloud a certain amount of extra dirt. Like maybe 5 or 10 to still make it challenging. Is there a way to do that?

        • Edit: Don’t sell sapling. Part of the hardness comes from if you don’t catch the sapling then you are screwed.

  5. no lava, no minecarts, nothing crucial to building should be included in the shop. i like the idea of being able to purchase the “frilly” things like dyes, glowstone, redstone, etc. anything else will ruin skyblock… i lost my lava and i am still doing fine :)

  6. Would it be possible to have a separate shop for the skyblock? So people could sell things they have in the skyblock world but only to people in skyblock.

  7. 1) From my expirience in Skyblocking, one creeper can end it all. So Hardcore skyblock worlds only. I’d be mad if i just spent 5000 uncs for it to get EXPLODED away within ten seconds.
    2) make some sort of world guard preventing you from entering unpermissioned lots. Wheres the fun if we all connect our lots?
    3) Make a sand island with cacti and another chest. But nothing is under the sand so you must be strartegic so that the sand isnt lost in the void.
    4) Maybe a price drop? hardcore could be a bit more expensive than normal. Maybe 5000 for hardcore and 3500-4500 for a normal?

  8. At first I wasn’t sure about Skyblock since I didn’t have the 5 k to spend I just figured I would wait and see what happened. Since I am pretty new to MC my survival skills are pretty limited anyway. Then, Scar invited me to his lavaless block of floating goodness and I fell in love. Not with him but with the idea of making due with what you have. This is why I like MC so much anyway, I feel all Les Shroud like (Survivor Man, watch it, its good). I think warping makes it a bit too easy but I like how we have connected to some of our neighbors with sky bridges. The cooperation and working with neighbors is fun and well, advantageous if you don’t have lava. I like that we can’t buy lava. It makes it more fun and more of a challenge. It also makes for a very brown existence but if we wanted color that much we could play creative.

    I think hard mode lots should be cheaper since you are more likely to screw it up.

    Optional items that don’t actually help but look good will always be a hit with me.

    Another thought, I see that you said you wouldn’t charge real money for lots but I do see it costs you money to run the server. I would be willing to pay five bucks real life money for a lot instead of the Uncs just because for me 5 bucks is easy to come by while 5000 uncs takes me a while to earn, besides I like to contribute because I have a good time here. I realize that not everyone has spare rl money so it could be an either or not just an only.

    • I think paying $5.00 would be a great option for someone who can’t manage 5000 uncs, or maybe, being able to buy uncs on the website? 100 uncs per U.S. dollar?

  9. Heres a random idea, tho i dident look too deeply into it and its possible problems~

    How about adding villager eggs for sale at 100 uncs in skyblock?
    This would allow non game breaking method of getting all sorts of stuff at rather high cost already.
    It may break the spirit of skyblock in general but would make it a bit more lasting fun :3

  10. Okay, here is an idea. It seems that gunpowder accumulates in skyblock and is pretty much useless there. So why not make that the currency? It would allow people to compete on an even playing field in skyblock, as your wealth from the regular world does not affect your purchasing power (beyond the initial 5000 unc investment).

    Going with the ideas from above that nothing you can conceivably get in skyblock (including items made from iron) or that are included with the starter kit should be sold, I’d do 3 tiers of item exchange:

    10 gunpowder –
    1 clay ball
    1 redstone dust
    1 glowstone dust

    100 gunpowder –
    1 lapis
    1 carrot
    1 potato
    1 sand
    1 cocoa bean
    1 jungle sapling
    1 birch sapling
    1 pine sapling
    1 slimeball

    1000 gunpowder –
    1 jukebox

    Music discs are of course the other item that you accumulate in skyblock but cannot use. By letting people trade in ~15 stacks of gunpowder for a jukebox, the discs become usable, and it’s a nice little frilly thing to show off.

    None of this affects the core of skyblock. The main limiting factor is the scarcity of certain resources, in particular iron.

    • Sounds interesting. Alternatively we can hoard the gunpowder and later make a war with dynamite cannons :D

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