Shop Bug exploits

There is a bug in the shop that gives out too much money. I already banned one user (Toohee) for exploiting this. Depending on the severity of other exploits, this will not be the only ban. I will go through the shop figures and try to find out what happened when.

In the meantime the shop will stay closed.

[Update] Found the issue. There was a bug when someone made a request for a 0 amount of items. You would not be charged then, but cancelling the item would refund the request. So the item is fixed. Also I found that toohee was the only user abusing the exploit. [/Update]

11 thoughts on “Shop Bug exploits

  1. I do not remember seeing this guy. How long was he on? Also I wounder why one would do this. He should of known that he would get caught.
    1. Was he just some random person that came in to do some griefing on the shop? He did a lot of damage to the economy. Look at all that he bought. Looked like he was trying to buy everything in the shop. Might sound great at first to make some great sales. In the end he messed up the economy for quite a while. This bug should be reported so he can not go to other servers and do the same.
    2. Was he someone that was here for a while and got real mad at the server? Hard to believe that someone on for a while with no problems with the server would do something like this. Has to be a reason for him to do what he did.
    3. Or is he someone’s second character that found a way to make money and spread it around to throw off suspicion? Is there a way to check I.P. address with those he bought from? It would be a great way to give money to a second character and cover it up.

    Sorry. I once worked at a big mall as security for 3 years. The security officer in me shows up from time to time. I understand someone using the bug to get a few thousand to get some land. NOT saying that it was good. It was VERY bad. But for someone to take as much as he did, well something is up with that. It took time and effort to do what he did.

    He bought some items from me. I thought at first oooo I finally sold those axes. But that is just looking at the small picture. Looking at the big picture: Oh boy. He really messed up the economy. All the items he bought are gone. He bought out a lot of stuff. The glowstones, the pickaxes to name a few. Expect those that get posted soon with be listed for higher amounts. Prices in general are going to go up because people have more money to spend now. This does not effect a few people. This is going to effect everyone for several months until the money gets balanced out.

    I am so glad that Uncovery was able to catch this person before they bought everything in the shop.

  2. He was here since a month. He found the exploit by accident. I could follow all his transactions and conversations online and I can be very sure that this was an isolated case of someone who thought nobody would realize.

  3. I hate it when one person comes along and screws stuff up for everyone else. The guy was a clear idiot to think he could do something like that and not get caught. Either that, or he just didn’t care if he got caught in which case I agree with VixenGold that the bug should be reported on bukkit’s plugin page so that this particular person doesn’t do this to other well established servers, or tells others how to do it.

    Great work on finding it and getting it fixed so quickly uncovery. Just another reason why I enjoy this server so much.

    • Well that’s the case with everything… when one person does something bad and ruins it for everyone else.

    • The shop plugin is a uncovery-only plugin. We wrote it for the server. We did some updates recently and there the bug was introduced as far as I know. There is nothing to report anywhere.

    • I am just really glad we got the problem solved!! ^.^

      However I am very upset someone tried to exploit this! If we don’t follow the rules no one will have fun!! >;( I am glad the bug is fixed though and that the person was caught! :)


  4. Except that with everyone buying skyblocks the economy might still be balanced

  5. I think i may have found another exploit type thing. You guys know those things in the shop that are like 0.0000001 uncs each? If you only buy like one of them, it takes away no money (I think this is a problem with the money system rounding up the final money balance to the nearest hundredth) I only did it once or twice when i first found it out to see if that was the case, so I just wanted to let you know this and see if you could fix it maybe, or ban items less than 0.01 uncs.

    • Are you sure? You would need to buy the item in bulk to be sure.

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