Urging users to empty deposits

I have now implemented a check that should make users empty their deposits. Since the deposits are made so that people can vote while not online, they are still supposed to remove the deposits once they log back in. Those deposit slots are not meant for permanent storage but for a short-term convenience. I have seen users that have over 30 deposit slots filled with voting rewards.

I opted for the following solution:

You now cannot trade in the shop anymore as long as you occupy more deposit slots that you should have. Example: A Citizen has 1 deposit slot. If you vote 2x, you occupy 2 different deposit slots, one more than you should have. You will not be able to trade on the shop until you at least empty the one excessive deposit slot.

6 thoughts on “Urging users to empty deposits

  1. I’ll remove those 78 stacks of stone ducky sent me -.- sorry Unc.

  2. Yay! Motivation to get all the junk out from my depot box

  3. Could it be that you lose some stuff if you do /withraw all you don’t have enough space? It seems like it since I don’t have my enderstone… I don’t care about this loss, just to inform people this might happens.

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