Undid Toohee’s bug exploits

I have now undone (almost) all of the transactions that Toohee executed when he abused a bug in the system. He did all over 80 transactions. I put the items back into the shop and took the money away from the sellers again – provided they had enough in their account. Those that did not have enough in their account were untouched.

Why did I do that?

This was a difficult decision. One might say on the one hand that the sellers did just do that: sell their stuff. Where the money comes from does not really matter. Also it cleans out the shop a bit, where it is debatable if it is good or not. However on the negative side, the items that were placed in the shop were lost. The user got banned and nobody could benefit from them. So there is a real damage to the market and the economy. This was the main reason why I finally undid the transactions.

2 thoughts on “Undid Toohee’s bug exploits

  1. In my opinion, I thought where the money came from did matter. The sellers did sell their stuff, yes, but they would not have sold them had it not been for the glitch that gave one person enough money to not care what the price was on the item they were buying.

  2. Thanks for making this tough call, Unc. I think this was the right choice.

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