Mail Courier is now a enderman

I just learned that some people are exploiting the fact that the mailman is a villager in skyblock. They used the villager as a trading partner to get goods that are not in the initial package.

Please note that I consider that cheating. I urge everyone who got items through this trick to destroy those. If I catch anyone with goods that are not supposed to be there they will lose the skyblock w/o refunds.

I made the courier now a enderman to stop that.

11 thoughts on “Mail Courier is now a enderman

  1. Now an enderman popping up to deliver mail is going to give me a heart attack! No one send me anything!!

    • LOL, so ture! Imagine you’re sneaking in a ravine over lava and you look over to see an enderman looking down at you and you fall down to to your demise in lava…

  2. I’m also very scared from Enderman – plz Unc could you dye it yellow or red!? Or a Zombie…

  3. Rules for mailman.

    1. Bow your head when the postmaster arrives.
    2. NEVER look the postmaster in the eye.
    3. Thank the postmaster kindly for your mail.
    4. Don’t mention your “stash of ender pearls”
    5. Never get the postmaster wet.
    6. Just to be safe, don’t feed the postmaster after midnight. (rule 5 sounds a little too much like Gremlins to me)

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