13 thoughts on “Please continue to report darklands griefing

  1. Spawn is mostly repaired. Apologies if something is slightly out of place, but I did my best. Please let me know if your home still needs some TLC and I’ll be glad to help if I’m on.

  2. They hit the skyway to the jungle. The Desert Safehouse got hit a bit. My tree house there got totaled. They killed all the jungle trees that I had holding up my tree house. I tried to grow a tree again but will not grow right. I will need to take down the scraps and start over. There was also a house make of birch and glass that belonged to someone else. That was destroyed. I had to go so I will be back later today to start rebuilding.
    What all was hit at spawn? With how much they did on my tree house I wounder if that was a personal attack on me for getting ranked? Did they attack every thing at spawn or just what I had a hand in building. I know sounds paranoid but when someone does stuff like this the way to find them is figure out motive first. Sorry reading murder mysteries right now so it got me thinking of motive.
    From what I have seen on the skyway and my tree house I am glad I did not see spawn. Thanks for all the repair work. I can imagine how bad it was.

    • This all happened 4-5 hours before you got your rank up, IF it was a personal attack, it was not for that reason. I think this was just a person with no respect for others, and nothing better to do than attempt to cause pointless chaos.


    • I think that may be my house you are talking about. I haven’t been on the old server since the 1.4.2 one when up so I haven’t seen the state of it. I do know that my house was griefed fairly badly about two weeks ago, so this may have been a separate occurrence.

  3. my house got completely griefed :( spawn is looking better thankyou for the people who fixed it:)

  4. Vixen, I saw what happened to your tree house. I’m sorry it got messed up. I never got to see what it looked like when it was built, I would have liked to very much. My first thought was that a fire took out whatever had been built there. The way the glass and chests were still floating in the air. Its fire spread on in this world right now? It it is a grief-er than I hope we catch them soon.

  5. Someone broke all the animal pens in the desert safehouse. I repaired them and got two chickens back in one pen, but we need some cows again.

  6. Thanks guys. Well we will rebuild bigger and better. Not mad, just sad that someone would do this.

  7. Can we move this post under the happy birthday one? I want to see the happy post first! :-D

  8. we have a huge thief in our hands. Somebody stole TONS of my DIAMONDS. I realized right when i walked in my my house most of my goods were gone, the thief left by going down the ladder to the underwater community. I did not have time to see his username, but i no i saw him/her. I WILL GIVE A MASSIVE AWARD WHOEVER WILL CATCH THE GREIFER.

      • Well i couldn’t tell what he/she looked like. I do know that i saw the griefer being alone, or his gang was waiting for him/her. I could not catch him because he was really fast. When i saw him get out of the under water community, he was at spawn but i did not see him/her what looked like. But then again, I WILL GIVE A MASSIVE AWARD WHOEVER CATCHES THAT THIEF. I don`t think he had a normal skin though.

  9. Have been griefed my door is gone again and they took all but one of my painting plus took a rooms walls down. My house is the brick and wood roof by spawn portal. If anyody has and information on who did it please tell me.
    Thanks Trentzkid

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