Happy birthday to all of us!

Dear all,

it’s my great pleasure to announce that by today, we are two years up and running, with very few exceptions! Sure, we had some smaller roll-backs, our share of jerks and annoyances of all shape and form, but history proves us right:

Over the 2 years, we managed NOT to build an ant hill of griefers and whiners, but rather we managed together to build a sustainable community that re-news and re-invents itself to grow and prosper. Thanks to the help of all users who actively contribute in builds, discussions, ideas, we tried many different plugins, worlds, rules, contests and so much more and kept what was successful and parted (sometimes with some pain) from what was not.

A huge thanks to all of you who kept my work on the server enjoyable, thanks to the masters and elders in their support getting rid of the jerks and alerting me of bugs and other issues. Also thanks of course to our resident coder Azkedar who made my life so much easier and without whose contribution I would have been forced to limit the server size.

To celebrate, we will continue with this progress and improve the server even further. For starters we already had the contest. To continue, we will introduce a new user level that shall bridge between Architect and Master: The “Designer” Level. The Designer level will pretty much fall in all aspects between those aforementioned levels, details still to come on the website.

Further, for celebration we will promote one user every day of the month to the respective next level, many of those to the new designer level. We will start with the lowest rank in no particular order and end on the top. I might not have time every day at the same time for the promotions since I am very busy in November, but I will catch up for sure!

So the promotion for today is Vixengold to the level of Architect! Congratz!

[UPDATE] FYI: If you think the list of people to be promoted is random, you are mistaken. The list was made more than a month ago and coordinated and voted on by all elders. [/UPDATE]

37 thoughts on “Happy birthday to all of us!

  1. Was just checking the forms before going to bed. Wow, thanks. I wont let you down. Happy Halloween and Happy Building all. I am speechless.

  2. happy bithday to us!! I havent been on the server as long as everyone else but OH MY GAWD this is awesome that this sever is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!
    Ok…. I’m done complementing us :3

  3. Congrats on two years. I know I’ve only been on it for a couple weeks or so, but I hope I can make something that’ll impress at least one person on the server outside of my friend HADuke. :3 Merry Halloween by the way.

  4. Congrats! I’ve only been here for a few months but I’m glad to be part of the community. So, here’s to two years!

  5. Happy Birthday Uncovery Minecraft! It’s been a wonderful 2 years. Congrats to Vixen and the future members who will get upgrades. I guess I should say… SUPRISE!!! That aside, lets have another great year!

  6. Happy Birthday to all and congrats to the community. Been here a little over 400 days and it has been great. My kids have me hooked. Thanks unc for a great site.

  7. Dang guys…. I don’t know what to say…. I’ve been here for about half a year and its been the best server I’ve ever found! Happy Birthday to Uncovery Minecraft and lets hope for some more good times!

  8. Congrats Vix, You deserve it. :)
    Uncovery is a great community and people like you make it so.

    Happy Brthday to the Uncovery world.

  9. This is just great. I haven’t been on this server long but I know that Vix deserves this. Congrats. And happy server birthday to all of us! I thoroughly enjoy playing with you all.

  10. I’m intrigued to see what other surprises lie in wait during this month :) Congrats on the two years and congrats on making this a fantastic server!

  11. Omg, yaaaay! Vixxie got a job as an archi- Wait, oh! She got ranked!

    Omg, yaaaay! Vixxie got promoted to architect level! I am not repeating what the blog said!

    • I’m really hoping that Daiyamondo gets promoted from diamond ore to diamond block.

  12. Thanks for letting me play here! I searched for a server with mature players and no griefers and I haven’t been disappointed.

  13. I am very pleased to be apart of this remarkable community. Each and every one of you have a unique and amazing personality. We are able to play with a mature manner and have a great time. I have never been disappointed with this server. Vixen will make a great Architect. She has deserved it. Congratulations Vix! To conclude, thanks Unc for hosting the server and keeping it in check. Have a great day everyone!

  14. Gratz Vixxie. i look forward to contributing to this remarkable community

  15. Happy Birthday to all of the players on Uncovery!
    At some moments I’m not on the server for quite a while, but I still keep coming back because of this amazing community, amazing buildings and also: Amazing server-owner! =)
    It’s amazing how you keep this server up to date and grief-free.

  16. Congratulations to Vix for Architect and the Unc Community for keeping this Server up and running… It already has been 255 days since I registered here and I haven’t regretted one second… It has also been the longest I have been active on a Server.^^

  17. Happy Birthday to all Uncovery players!
    Even though I stop coming on for weeks, I still comeback to enjoy what Uncovery and everyone else have built in this great server.
    Congratulations to Vix

  18. Happy anniversary everyone! I’ve been on the server for only a month now, but it is one of the best :D Uncovery, congrats on 2 years and to the best server ever!

  19. I cant wait till next year. I don’t wanna wanna be citizen now only at least 37 days so i can be an architect. In other words, i want to be promoted after 37 days.

  20. Congrats to everyone! Happy Birthday! Many appreciated thanks, as always, to Uncovery, for all of your efforts!

  21. Why do we want to upgrade people randomly even once let alone everyday? I agree with the usual system that people should EARN their rank promotions. Now a bunch of people will a title they don’t deserve. I’m two thumbs down for this.

    • Please note, if I’m wrong that it’s random, then I’m fine with the promotions and congrats Vixen.

    • Who said this is random? The list was made more than a month ago and coordinated and voted on by all elders. You are not long enough on the server maybe to know that we always promoted people outside of the contests.

  22. I just got an initial impression from reading it that it was random. But I’m very happy to be wrong. Is it ever posted why someone gets upgraded? I think that should be an addition to a promotion. A congrats forum post maybe? And, no, I knew that promo’s happened outside of contests. I don’t know much about the details of how it works but I know it happens.

  23. Congratulations Vixen! And everyone!

    It has been nothing less than amazing to see how far Unc and Az have taken this server in the last two years, and how immense and strong the community has grown to be. When I joined back in Beta, I would never have imagined the things I got to be part of, interesting personalities I would get to meet, or the thousands of works of creativity I would get to witness and be a part of. Here’s to another great year!

  24. Gratz Vixen!

    Happy birthday to all of us, this is truly a great server and an amazing group of people. I look forward to many good years on Uncovery with you all!

  25. Love the new rank! May I suggest “artisan” instead of “designer”?

      • nah. we cannot have two levels that start with the same letter because of the chat system.

        For anyone else who comes now up with suggestions on how to name it differently:

        Believe me, I spent quite some time to find this name and implement it. I will not go back now after all is setup and change dozens of lines of code and twice as many permission settings on a taste question.

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