Bug List

Here is a list of bugs that I have found since the upgrade. I will expand this as I find more:

  • Netherportals from the Nether to the darklands are broken. Made a bug report. Bug was confirmed by someone else.
  • Old letters do not work anymore. I guess we cannot change that. Please write new ones :D

changes I made:

  • potions are now disabled in the city and flatlands
  • it’s impossible to make iron golem farms now. If you have one, please try if it still works and tell me if it does.
  • there is now a limit on breeding animals of 50 per lot. check /headcount please


26 thoughts on “Bug List

  1. When you try to /find carrots you get an error same with potatoes i am assuming with most of the new items

      • Np Someone else said the pay command is not working but im not sure

        • Yeah, that was me. When I tried to send Cyclone some uncs for some iron ingots he gave me, nothing happened. My account did not change and he never recieved confirmation of getting the uncs into his account. I did not see any errors either, so not sure what happened other than the fact that it just didn’t work after 3 tries.

  2. Alright, Uncovery. I was at my house digging throught my Misc. Chest and I found somehting rather strange…

    It was a map, and the map said (When I hovered over it to read the name), Map #0 Unbreaking enchantment.level.12

    And when I held it in my hands and looked at it, it had text show up saying, “Sorry, only lvasold can read this letter”.

    I thought it was strange and I didn’t know if it was something bad so I am letting you know.

      • Unc, I had mail prior to the update in my inventory. Now those letters only have “Sorry, only lvasold can read this letter” now.

  3. In spawn, the Empire, Flatlands, Kingdom, and Nether portals do not work.

  4. I get kicked for throwing speed II potions at spawn. it worked in 1.3.2.

    • Unc has disabled potions in the city. due to a incident earlier.

  5. After using /spawn then game froze… sereral times. Now when I join Uncovery The game crashes when I move. Though it was related to an lib update I did yesterday but it’s not, I rolled everything back. rebooted, all default MC except rei minimap plugin.
    I opened a ticket Uncovery/support and posted to the forum.
    that shows my troubleshooting, things I’ve tried.
    I’m only posting here just incase it’s related to the update as this has not happened before.
    This is only happening with Uncovery. Other random servers tested & work fine. maybe my profile or cache is corrupt server side. idk.

    • Fixed it.
      I believe what fixed it was starting MC and changing the render distance to tiny allowing it to re-sync the terrain data, I believe that the data had gotten corrupt when loading after using the /spawn command. I’ve since changed it back and everything is fine now.

  6. The /home bed command gives you a list of your homes and doesn’t tp you to your bed. I resetted my home and it still doesn’t work, I am in the world of my bed and in the list of homes is the bed included.

  7. All letters, even those from 1.3.2, says “Only lvasold can read this”.

  8. I was fighting a skeleton, it killed me, picked up my sword, and when I went to fight back, I realized it was holding my sword and still shot me with arrows.

  9. For the past hour now I have not been able to get on the server. Each time I try it tells me there is a connection error. Even on my server list uncovery has ‘Can’t Reach Server’ underneath it.

    • Not sure since we have so many people online. You are trying the normal server with 1.4.2, yes?
      Also try to re-install your client. Tell me when this is fixed please.

  10. I have an Iron Golem farm and it’s still working. tested for a few mins and 4 spawned so far.

  11. /home bed does not work. It still registers as a home (under my home list), but will not move me there. I did try re-sleeping in the bed after the upgrade but no luck.

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