Upgraded to 1.4.2! But what about the wither?

I just upgraded the server to 1.4.2!
The upgrade includes SEVERAL beta/dev version plugins.
I will be updating everything continuously as new versions of the components come out, but from my testing all should be fine.
If you find a bug or exploit that you can reproduce, please post here.

Regarding building the wither, I now disabled that in all worlds. The question is where to enable it so that beacons can be made.
I can enable/disable the wither only per world, not per lot. Shall I just enable it in the nether?

13 thoughts on “Upgraded to 1.4.2! But what about the wither?

  1. maybe a separate world for the wither?
    there could be a plugin like the end dragon i’ll keep a look out.

  2. Is it better to weather the wiher in the nether?
    We cut her, and bled her,
    she was too strong, so we fled her.
    Fate, we did not want to temp her.
    So we jumped down though portal with boots of feather,
    just in time for soup made from cheddar!

    -Author Unknown-

  3. There are no bugs or exploits, making a world dedicated for killing the Wither Boss is the best idea.

  4. I wouldn’t really agree on there being a new world for the Wither, mostly because we have many worlds already. Controlling the lag has gone really well lately, but with more and more added worlds, I don’t know if it’ll be able to stay that way.
    I’m fine with it being in the Nether, except for the Glowstone miners who have enough trouble with ghasts. I’d say in the Darklands, but I’m not sure if that would be a good idea, either.
    I’m not very good with ideas, but I try to give what I’ve got! :D

  5. Due to the fact that the wither only can be made and probably gets killed right away IF possible, the nether seems to be a good idea because there is not much damage to be done (if you spawn it somewhere safe to fight).
    Also is there a possibility to make something which limits the amount of withers in an area? I mean that there aren’t 20 withers killing you right of because some weren’t killed right away…

    • But there is the slight problem of “griefing” with the wither if someone thinks it’s a godd idea to spawn one right at the spawn…
      But the solution of creating a new world for the wither is ressourcetaking, isn’t it, even if it’s as small as the end I assume.
      You could also sell the wither stars in the shop at an adequate price or at the lottery with odds of 1% or so, so bacons are available to be made.

  6. Another small “problem” with the wither in the nether is the higher chance of the nether star falling into lava. However, that makes it more challenging, so maybe that’s actually a good idea. :)

    It makes more sense that it’d be the nether than the darklands, because inventory restrictions in the darklands will make people want to fight it close to spawn, where its damage would be more inconvenient to other players. You can set/use homes in the Nether and fight it wherever you please, and instantly /tp back to a safe location after collecting the star.

    So overall, of the available options, I support Nether Wither.

    Edit: The item is even called the Nether Star, so why *not* collect it in the nether? :D

  7. I am more in favor of a separate Wither Arena as I can see that someone is going to lose a few withers around the nether spawn and that’ll create chaos for everyone!

  8. I doubt there will be withers near nether spawn. The probability someone disturbing you while killing the wither is too high.

    • People do dumb things and I’m sure someone is going to spawn one somewhere stupid.

  9. How bout the wither games? Big bedrock box filled with us and a wither >:D

  10. Just do it in the nether because I’m surrounded by rich people and if their withers run away I’m dead.

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