Anniversary contest now open for voting! [Update!]

I have copied all the entries to the city so you can see them and fly around. To vote, you can now go on the voting page and start voting! In order to see the contest entries, do a /warp anniversary to be teleported to the contest entries. they are on both sides of the street. Each entry has a sign at the nearest entrance to show who built it.

All contest builds that have not been submitted on the website have already been dismantled and the blocks can be found in the builder’s deposit box. I will be refunding the other contest entries to the submitters soon.

6 thoughts on “Anniversary contest now open for voting! [Update!]

  1. It’s too bad mine never appeared even when I tried to submit it 4 times. XD

  2. It’s kind of a funny coincidence that voting day on uncovery is the same day as voting day in the U.S.

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