36 thoughts on “slash14459 banned for Xraying

  1. well justice finally caught up with me. I know no one will miss me and I would just love to say:
    Thank you all for the fun time on the server and for making my time on the server an enjoyable one I will never forget you guys. You made my life enjoyable. Pine i hope heavens reach turns out as amazing as Rome did, Skillet i hope your city is amazing as well.
    Well goodbye everyone for the final time

    • I am ashamed of you. I gave you my trust with access to my skylands/aether lot. Now in spite of that, I’m going to destroy everything. I’m not going to keep a single ore from this.

  2. Why slash? So sad. Will miss you. So sorry you went bad.

  3. i got it to see what it was like,
    Its like drugs once you start you cant stop

  4. If one wants to see what it looks like go look on you tube. Looks cool on there but would never use. There is no honor in using cheats.

  5. Man, I feel bad seeing this. It was nice seeing you around, slash.

  6. Slash, I always thought you were cool. :( It’s a shame, I will miss you! :(

  7. There is never a drought of dumb people on this server.

  8. Darn it slash, you were one great guy. Sorry to see ya go

  9. why slash… you seemed to be a nice dude… well, it’s a shame but where’s the fun in it… I mean seeing every ore is just boring I think. I have to admit it is frustrating to dig and dig for hours and finding nothing. But the satisfaction after you find something is even greater then.
    Now back to topic… Well what do I have to say anymore but farewell and Goodluck in life. I mean the odds of me meeting you again sometimes are small, very small. So…

    • I agree with you JoBilly, Although mining for hours without many results can be a bit defeating, I love randomly finding something. The reward is definitely more sweet that way. If I knew where everything was it would be boring cause there’s no challenge or surprise. I like not knowing what’s ahead. Is it a cave? diamonds? lava? It’s fun to be surprised. I get addicted in the complete opposite way as Slash. I’m addicted to what’s behind the next block. That whole minecraft saying “one more block, one more block,” is definitely how I mine.

  10. Omg, Slash. I can’t believe it! I thought you’d be one of the players to rise all the way up in the ranks. I don’t understand why you would use xray at all on this server knowing how many people easily get caught with it. Well I’m sorry to see you go, buddy. I wish this wasn’t the case, but I guess you knew the risks, and now I have to say goodbye. Good luck in the future and I hope you’ve learned your lesson and don’t make this mistake again with another server.

  11. Slash, I would really like to chat w/ you privately, can you tell me your email or something because I have something to ask you.

  12. Well. I had respect for you slash14459. Consider it gone.

  13. OH WHY?!@?!?!? NOOOOOOO! I ALWAYS LIKED YOU! YOU RUINED IT ALL…sniff, give me time guys, i need to cry for a while. Also,,,,, im wondering if thats how you got all that stuff on the shop.

  14. :( why just why ….you were a amazing person hope you be well and heres the sad fave again :( bye slash

  15. This is sad. I wish people would just listen to an audiobook or itunes U lecture while branch mining. It has sort of a zen quality to it. Plus, you get a bunch of stone.

  16. my man pixel slash.. what happened dude?:(
    you should never go to the dark side…

  17. To be honest with you guys, i have had nodus for about 2 months now. And now i have been caught red handed i hope you all have an amazing time on the server without me and all the other Xrayers

    • That fits my impression of you perfectly. I warned you being banned about 5 times if I remember correctly. The fact that you use a hacked client and XRay shows that your skill and brain only goes as far as downloading some software and using it. Once some real skill or personality is required, you might put in some work to achieve a little, but not enough to really pull it through and get more out of it.

      It seems the easy achievements are your thing, and you are willing to ruin what you worked on for a longer time for that short-term false sense of superiority. It’s like stealing from friends and not caring about the ruined friendship because you made some bucks. Glad to finally have you off the server.

      I can only hope for your own fate that you manage to change yourself.

  18. And younger players continue to get a horrible reputation. So many hours of work and so many friends made, just to have it thrown away with absolutely nothing to show for it. This new generation acts now and only feels bad when they have to pay the consequences. Let this be an example to new and old gamers. If you’ve found a community that is so idiot-free and happy as this one, don’t do anything that could take it away from you.

    -Cody D. Wise
    Not kitty approved.

  19. Slash, I miss you. I knew you as a friend. Goodbye, friend :(

    • Sometimes I wonder if JoBilly uses XRay, but I doubt it. If he does, I love his diamond snipes.

      • Don’t worry, all legit. I just win diamonds in the lottery (and diamond ore… twice a number if I remember correctly) which I mostly “give away”. And I have so many diamonds (Fortune ftw) which I am not able to use alone ^^ so why not give to those who need/want them. My lot is swiss cheese from the layers 14 downwards and if you come to my lot you can see, that I dug out the whole 13th and 14th layer (I think its those layers). I would never risk such a thing and see the time I invested in my lot and with you guys wasted in an instant.

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