12 thoughts on “First video from our wither arena

  1. This was a lot of fun. So glad my daughter was here to join in. :)

  2. This was really fun. Uncovery did a great job designing this!

  3. This was really cool. I loved hearing everyone collaborate and just .. . .. loved hearing everyone’s voices. XD

  4. It was horrible! I died from my own mistake, and only got 3 stars! Half my armour I accidentally ate, and my new beacons only make me go faster, higher, durably and healthier! D:

  5. 1) Hide your UI
    2) Use a real screen capture program (aka did you record this with a potato?)
    3) Higher res
    4) Put under Wither Arena feature page

    • 1) I did not because I wanted to show the player names
      2) What’s wrong with fraps? Thanks in advance for donating so I can buy another one.
      3) Yes, will do next time
      4) Good point.

  6. Was looking at pasts posts and came across this golden youtube video. This was so a blast, more then one if you was too close to the wither when it formed. I wish we could do more like this. Maybe raids or battles in Pine’s huge Kingdom city? Group hunger games fights? Weekend raids or epic battles of some kind would be a fun break from week day building. They could be used to promote Uncovery. We could do battles in Rome or at Egypt. Even a raid at the End with more then 1 dragon. Group together in one of the huge builds and we fight off zombie invasions. I think this would be a blast.

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