Shop Update

We’ve installed a new shop update, which changes the way a couple of commands work, and introduces a couple of new commands. The idea is to make it easier to get information out of the shop’s history and about current listings. The trading page has been updated with the changes and new commands. But, to summarize:

  • Improved (hopefully) in-game help text for many commands
  • Shop announcements now include the shop-id of the new request or offer, if available Edit: Works all the time now.
  • You can now add the word check to your command when buying, selling, offering or requesting. This will do a “dry run”, showing you what will happen with that command without actually moving any money, items, or announcements. This is useful for “checking” that you have the right command. For example: /buy 21831 check will show you what would happen if you did /buy 21831, so you can be sure your shop-id is right. If everything is okay, just hit up-arrow and delete the “check” to do it for real!
  • The /history command now works on items, e.g. /history glowstone. Note: There is currently a bug with /history sell, looking into that.
  • The /find command is more flexible now. You can now search for specific enchantments, or for items above or below a certain price, and you can use these in combination. For exmaple, /find diamondsword ench:sharp <1000 will find any diamondswords for sale for under 1000 uncs with a Sharpness enchantment.
  • /find @new is now the default, so just do /find r to find requests.Use /find new without an at sign for new items now. Also look for enchantments now with /find ench (without an @ sign). Edit: The ability to find the item in hand was re-added as before.
  • The Shop Data web page now shows the enchantments in the “History” query, so you can see why one diamondpick sold for 2000 and another only 600.
  • New command: /info gives you summary of completed sales with many flexible options. By default, shows you the top 10 items sold in the past week, sorted by total value in uncs. But it can also, for example, do /info sellers diamond 90, which tells you the top 10 players who sold diamond in the past 90 days, sorted by total value of their sales. See the shop page for more details.
  • Note: There is a bug with the buyer: and seller: arguments, looking into that too.

  • New command: /trend gives you information on price trends. Never again have to guess what an item is worth based on current shop listings! This compares the completed sales in past week with the week before to show changes in price, by default showing the 10 items with the most change. This means that if you buy someone out to repost their sales at a higher price, you are driving down the average price, so beware! You can of course ask for the price trend on a specific item, for example /trend diamond. The length of the periods and the amount of sales to require for a trend is also configurable, see the shop page for more details.

I hope these changes are useful. Any bug reports, suggestions, or complaints can be directed to me (azkedar) or to Uncovery himself. Actually, save the complaints for me exclusively. ;)

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About azkedar

I joined this server in September of 2011. I spent a lot of time early on mining and selling glowstone for profit, so you could find me a lot of the time wandering far out in the nether with 8 stone picks and a few pieces of food. I participated in most of the contests from that point, my first big build being my treehouse entry, which I’m now kinda embarrassed of. I notably built a vast number (73 I think) of the small structures in Rome, as well as assisting with other parts of that city. I’m pretty proud of my Empire lots so far, even though only the middle 2 are really developed, and I’ve got a long way to go. I also help out Uncovery with various small programming tasks as I am able, to help implement new features and ease the maintenance burden on our beloved and fearless server owner. This is why Uncovery granted a chat title. Aside from that purely cosmetic title, I am otherwise just another Elder (and a junior one, in terms of how long I’ve been around). As for my real life, I’m a 33 year old programmer/analyst, married with 2 kids. My kids love minecraft too, but since my son is only 5, it’ll be some time before he can pass the settler quiz. :)

15 thoughts on “Shop Update

  1. Thank you for the time and effort put into this. It will help me and many others. Seeing the amount of Uncs that I have earned from certain sold items is a superb command. I will use it a lot lol Thanks Az.

  2. fantastic updates, but i miss the ability to do /find on the item in my hand. i used that all the time!

    • Okay, I’ll add that back when I get a chance. I think you’re the 2nd or 3rd person to say they wanted it, so… :)

      It will probably be changed to “/find hand” or similar.

      • Thanks for the great work on this guys. Change is good :)

        I know myself and a bunch of others used /find on held items very heavily though.

        Couldnt we have /find function as previously but have the new extra command /find @new return the newest sales?

  3. Thank you so much for this! I really love the shop-id showing on the trading channel announcements. Very nice work az! :D

  4. Very nice, Azkedar. I love the trend feature, it makes the shop feel more like an economy than ever.

  5. Excellent work, guys! The /trend command is amazing- just the thing to dispel the uncertainty of ‘how much should I sell this for?’! Keep up the great work!

  6. Any complaints? My foot itches, azkedar! Please fix it, thanks. XD

  7. Awesome job as always, Az.

    My only complaint is that Dai complains too much. :3

  8. I do miss the /find to be able to find something you are holding. Biggest problem is that all leaves are listed as oak leaves but have different ID numbers in the shop. Also some other items have a different name in the shop. Then you have some that have a real big name, such as smoothcobblestoneslab. If I am the only one that misses the /find then ignore me please.
    Besides that all the new commands on the shop are real nice. I know it must of taking you some time to do all of it. Love It.

    • I will re-add the /find default to be find the item in hand, and introduce “/find new” as the command for finding new stuff. :)

      I don’t really know what to do about the leaf problem, it’s been that way for a while. It seems to be a bug in bukkit, so I think we’ll have to wait for them to fix it:

      The item names thing is interesting too, I’d like to look at it too but I need to talk to unc. One thing to keep in mind is that many items have more than one name, and some names are shorter on purpose. For example, “smoothstoneslab” is also “stoneslab”, “ssslab”, and just “slab.” /search can help you find these alternate names.

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