Contest Winners!

I finally now had the time to close the open contests. So here are the results:


  1. Underbridge  Рalso overall winner! Wins level upgrade and stack of diamonds & a beacon
  2. stevenanthony – wins stack of diamonds!


  1. oAlb: wins level upgrade and stack of Diamonds!
  2. Kevinpowellaz: wins stack of diamonds!


  1. Aerox247: wins level upgrade & stack of diamonds!
  2. Psychodrea: wins stack of diamonds!


  1. Azkedar: wins 2 stacks of diamonds!
  2. Sockso: wins stack of diamonds!

Because this was the 2 year anniversary contest, I wanted to give something special as a thanks for everyone who submitted an entry. So everyone on top of this receives 1 pair of the 3 normally unavailable mob heads. Please check your inventory for the rewards!

Regarding the long, long pending parkour contest: I am really sorry that this took that long. It was partly me being busy & lazy, and partly issues with users submitting stuff improperly etc. So as a thanks for the patience I will give each of the participants a stack of diamonds.

11 thoughts on “Contest Winners!

  1. Woo Aero! Arch for less than a month! A new record! Congrats everybody(: Thanks for participating

  2. Thanks for the votes everyone and grats to all the other winners! Ill meet you under the overpass if you choose to follow in my two toed footsteps. :3

  3. nice work to all who entered! congrats to the winners!!

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