Still on holidays… some updates from there…

I have been off diving again and here are two images and also the first time a video since I bought a GoPro… So there is a Whale Shark and a Leopard (or Zebra) Shark on the second image and the video.

So as you can see I am having fun :) Will be back on the server on the 2nd…

14 thoughts on “Still on holidays… some updates from there…

  1. OMG Whale Shark. So cool. Man you are so lucky. They are so beautiful. Increable picts.

  2. Looks like a great time. Might have to buy myself a GoPro after seeing those awesome timelapse videos.

  3. I just love it when you send these pictures. Hope you had a wonderful Holiday experience and have a great new years. :)

  4. We wish you Happy New Years! And look after that shark of yours.

  5. Absolutely awesome. Great pics! Have a safe new year Unc (and everyone else here as well).

  6. Thats amazing, where did you do this exactly? Sorry if you have no idea who i am im still fairly new to the server.

  7. Oh yeah, thats a leopard thresher shark. Still awesome photos!

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