9 thoughts on “Upgraded to 1.4.6!

    • Hopefully there’s a fix for that and it’s not like potions :-/

      • Unfortunately it’s even worse than potions. Potions are merely data values larger than a byte, which we may be able to fix in the near future. Books, on the other hand, rely on extended NBT data which is different from the data for enchanted items/tools. The reason is that the enchantments on books don’t actually apply to the book (i.e. you can’t hit a mob with a flame enchanted book and light it on fire), so the enchantments aren’t accessible in the same way.

        So, for now at least, we have no way of even attempting to see the enchantment data on books. Hopefully plugins will update and give us this capability.

        • hmmm, that’s a shame. might have to start a thread on the forums to coordinating selling/trading enchant books then!!

  1. Yea it looks worse. The item ID for the enchanted books are all 403.

  2. The 3D maps state “Web files are not matched with plugin version: All files need to be the same version (1.3-1467).

    However, they are working fine for me.

  3. I’ve seen a trophy problem in the Hunger Games, If you win, buy a head (Example: HorseLuvr1254), then wear it, you dont get there skin and their name is not on the head when you hover over it when you pressed E. I’ll upload some picts in a bit

  4. Also, I’ve seen many people at spawn make fireworks, then set them off. I’m not sure if this is allowed because it might make lag like potions.

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