60 hours to go: ELITE game revival

There is a kickstarter project to revive the original ELITE game from 1984. If you remember this, you were part of the REAL pioneering times of PC gaming. If not, it’s basically the space combat version of Minecraft with an endless, procedurally created universe. Here is a screenshot of the 1984 version:


The original designers work on it and it is looking great so far. They are short of just a couple of percent for their funding goal, but the end is approaching fast. I backed them already. If you are into space games, you should check this out by clicking on this banner:


For those who are wondering if I am spending the funds donated for the minecraft server for this: No, I do not. I pre-paid the server already for 2 full years since there is a huge discount for that. Whatever you donate now to me only helps to pay back whatever I paid already for the server.

8 thoughts on “60 hours to go: ELITE game revival

  1. I remember playing this game on my C64 when I was a lad. Good times. Played the sequels too… Frontier was pretty sweet. Gravity slingshot around white dwarf stars for no reason, woo! :)

    • I too spent hours on the C64 playing this game. I wasn’t quite old enough to understand the full concept of the game, so I would just take off, and start shooting, then try to blow up as many space ships as I could before I was brought down by the police. Hours of fun. Nothing came close until Terminal Velocity, and then X-Wing vs Tie Fighter. Good times!

  2. Groan…. I’m to young to know whatever this is…. But it looks cool! :)

  3. This looks awesome, I’m crossing my fingers and hoping it will be on mac.

    • Eve is more of a job than it is a game. But without the paycheck.

  4. This seems like a nice bridge to Egosoft’s X3 series (before X Rebirth comes out that is).

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