Photos from my Holidays

Since I promised it, here are the photos from my holidays. All images on page one are from this holidays, if you click “Next” you can see some older diving images. Some of these images are quite rare from my point of view, and I was really lucky for some of the animals we see, that we could see them so close or at all.

8 thoughts on “Photos from my Holidays

  1. Thank you very much for sharing your pictures of your trip. These are so very beautiful. My kids and I loved looking at them.

  2. Were these all taken with your GoPro? Or did you have a separate camera?

  3. Gorgeous. I am a bit of a camera geek. What camera are you using here? Settings? I bought an underwater housing for me DSLR last summer and it was a real pain trying to change the settings to the camera in that thing. Shooting manual is very hard I imagine, while you are down by the reef.

    However you did it, they are very nice Unc.

    • Thanks! It’s an Olympus PEN 2 with a small external flash mounted on top of it. Settings is on speed priorit 160/sec and all else automatic. Lesson learned is that you need as much light as you can get. If I go next time to a nice location I would try to buy two larger external strobes. The current setup is only good for macro.

  4. External flashes underwater? That would be awesome to try. sells some knockoff flashes that you could use for external stuff. They may not work on camera, but if you set them to slave and use the right adapter…… Hmm. They also sell the watertight cases or DSLR’s fairly cheap. (it’s where I got mine.) They would probably work fo putting a flash and a trigger into since they are just clear plastic. Unless you can afford the good stuff. I am but a poor boy, and often make my own equipment, and adapters for photo shoots. Fun to get to know the technical side.

    I hope to see some external stuff so I can get your opinion on what works underwater. i have been wanting to try an underwater series of shots having people all dressed up. maybe set up a table or something. Ok now i am just rambling. Sorry.

    • I meant the cases “for” DSLRs. They do not sell DSLRs.

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