uncovery, now suicide-free!

I got a request to make an alias for /suicide since some people did not feel like killing themselves virtually. So now you can also use /respawn instead. Same effect. Just a different command for it. You still get a message that you killed yourself though.

8 thoughts on “uncovery, now suicide-free!

  1. This is an improvement. For some reason, I could never remember how to spell “suicide.” So I’d google it. Then the suicide prevention hotline number would pop up. I’d feel a little guilty, because I’m sure somewhere, someone looks at how often that gets searched for. I probably made somebody a little nervous with repeated google searches of “suicide” popping up from the same ip.

  2. Given how serious a thing suicide is in todays world, I think that its also important to be aware and courteous of it.

    An alias on the command is a great idea, but also I’d like to actively encourage anybody who isnt feeling the flashest to seek help, there is always a better way out from where you are.

    Sockso : that made me lol ^

  3. Hey guys, I just noticed something. Sorry if I sound like a bit of a perfectionist here, but on the “User levels and commands page”, it still says /suicide as the death command and there is no mention of /respawn

    Personally, im sure i could remember /respawn but perhaps you could change it on the user levels and commands page to make it clear for new players?

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