IRC channel registration now active!

I have now setup the requirement to be registered before you can type in the IRC channel. Of course, if you are in-game, anything you say will be visible in the IRC channel, no matter if you are registered there or not. Sorry that this was neccessary.

Here is again an instruction how to do that.

10 thoughts on “IRC channel registration now active!

  1. My nickname is already in use by someone else. Does this mean I can’t use chat now?

    • You need to use another nickname in chat. And you will not be able to have the same user-rank in chat. Your username will be gray. But you can chat just normal.

      • Ok, but the chat doesn’t give me an option to specify the username. Do I need to create a new account on the uncovery website?

          • Kieveli_ #uncovery Cannot change nickname while banned on channel

            Being banned means I can’t use the /nick command! Ok, what should I try next? =)

            • Kieveli I have limited time to explain you how IRC works. Try leaving the channel, change the nick, come back into the channel. Google basic IRC commands please.

              • Well, it seems I got lucky. Today freenode is no longer saying that my name is already registered to someone else, and has allowed me to register my nick. Quite frankly, I don’t understand what happened between yesterday and today, but thankfully this problem is solved for me.

                If anyone else comes up against their minecraft name being already in use by, I found that creating a second uncovery / wordpress account with a new matching nickname allowed the chat to function as it should. [Uncovery here:] PLEASE DO NOT DO THAT! I will post some more info in case of issues. But please do not flood the blog with new registrations. There is no need![/uncovery]

  2. i have followed all instructions given in the posts, websites, and even the mail i got after typing the first command, but when i try to send a message in the irc chat, it says ”cannot send to #uncovery”

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