13 thoughts on “Cool video by our resident MC_Crinkle!

  1. Oh WOW! Thanks for putting this on the main page, I have more videos like this, and love exporting to blender and making minecraft worlds look even more awesome. There is so many awesome things in uncovery I will be making a proper video with tons of effects and stuff for sure.

    Check out my channel for more, and search blender for terms such as “blender fluid simulation” “blender smoke simulation” “blender cloth simulation” etc to see what blender is capable of. This above animation only took about 2 hours to set up and 8 hours (over night) to render. To do this properly I would remove the central fountain which looks really glassy, and replace it with a proper fluid-sim fountain.

    Also, I have started a tutorial series on youtube which aims to show people how to do what i do themselves. Please be sure to rate or comment on anything you like so I know what to add more of! Also i did this one this morning: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2JNhKwlXcF4&

    • Was real impressed with this video, amazingly good effort!

      I tried to do something similar a while back and just couldn’t even get the simplest export pipeline going, and even that required the world data file not just live streamed chunks sent to the client. I don’t suppose you could produce a simple how to video for how to export it out and get blender to properly texture the blocks etc by any chance could you?

      Would have mega huge kudos from me if you could as there is quite a few thing’s I’ve been dying to do similar vids of.

      • I swear I read this whole thread and didn’t catch the links back to the tutorials or the explanation of what else is going on in the channels. I must have forgotten to take my crazy pills today.

        Thank you for linking these, will check them out.

  2. That is incredible man. I walked through that area yesterday on my way to my new Kingdom lot… or least I believe I did anyhow, lol. Awesome videos btw. I will be sure to subscribe to you.

  3. I found the accent delightful:)
    Very quality video/tutorial!
    Nice to have you as a part of
    uncovery, Crinks!

  4. (you have to press the PLAY button for it to go though) XD

  5. The song kinda reminded me of zelda in a small way…. I like it!!!! =D

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