1.5 Update Warning


In the coming days, there will be a pre-release of 1.5 coming out, and then, quite soon a release of 1.5. This will cause your Minecraft client to ask you to update. Please note that once you update, you will not anymore be able to connect to the server. In order to be still able to connect to the server, you will either have to cancel the update or then downgrade. It is highly recommended to use one of the free tools that allow you to run several versions of minecraft at the same time and switch between the current and the new version.

In order to allow players to use 1.5 features already, we will start a temporary server once the final version of 1.5 is out. This temp server will have no plugins at first, no protection, no lots and none of the money, goods or inventory that are on the main server. Whatever you do there will have to be hidden since we know that people will grief it. Connecting to this server will not affect in any way what is on the main server, everything there will stay as it is. Voting will add items to your deposit on the old server, and you will be able to retrieve those when you connect to the main server.

Once we upgrade, we will remove the current darklands and replace it with the world that was created on the temp server. So if you have anything on the current darklands, it will be deleted. Also, whatever inventory you had on the temp server will be deleted, too. Items in chests (but not ender chests) will remain on the world and become the new darklands. Same goes for the nether. The nether of the temp server will become the new nether on the upgraded server. Everything in the current nether will be deleted during the update.

I cannot say how long it will take to upgrade the current server to the 1.5 once it is released. We will have to wait for several plugins to be upgraded to deal with 1.5 features and that sometimes takes weeks. So please be patient.

9 thoughts on “1.5 Update Warning

  1. and we can all race Daiya and Xec to get the dragon egg :) Such fun times on the temp server!

  2. Can you let us know when it is OK to strip the Dark lands spawn for the resources to be used in the new dark lands spawn? There is a lot there that can be used. Also can only those that are going to reuse the resources for the new dark land spawn be allowed to take the stuff down. Other wise people will just strip and keep or sell. If so then maybe have a list of who.

    • I will not make a list who is allowed to do that. We already have a restriction on the area. I would recommend that you guys arrange yourselves to do that. I would suggest that you go out and take down one building at a time as a group and store it on someone’s (preferably elder) lot. If you organize it properly via a forum thread and do stuff in groups, you will know if someone just went in a griefed as opposed to dismantling and storing it. As to when to do that? You guys decide. You built it, I will not tell you when you can take it down.

  3. ATTENTION: I know the simplest way to change back to 1.4.7 (If you already updated) Go to
    http://mcvc.in/. It stands for Minecraft Version Changer. Download it and pick ANY version once your done, click change and it will take only a bit to load. But go to the home page of Minecraft net RIGHT BEFORE you change it.

  4. magiclauncher is great as well. In addition to letting you downgrade easily, you can use it to choose which mods you use when you log in each time. I like to use it so I can turn off things not allowed on the server.

  5. http://mojang.com/2013/03/minecraft-redstone-update-pre-release/
    Pre-1.5 is out as of today, March 7, 2013. 1.5 will be officially released next week on March 13, 2013. If you have anything you want to grab in the nether or dark lands now would be the time if you have yet to get it. Dark lands spawn has been stripped and stuff is being stored on Dai’s anther lot. The stuff will be for rebuilding the new dark lands. For a list of what was saved please look at the last post of http://uncovery.me/forums/topic/to-diamantle-dark-lands/page/2/

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