Bugs, bans, Xrays & crashes

Since I am REALLY REALLY busy these days (only less then 50% of the time around, traveling for business a lot etc) I rely to a more active help of the users, specially the elders – in a productive way. So here some tips how you can help me manage the server:

  • If there are repeated freezes that boot users off the server, tell me please, with date, time & timezone. Best of course if you can convert the time into Hong Kong time already.
  • If you submit a ticket, and do not get a reply from me, please check the ticket system on the website. If the ticket is not there, it did not go through. Resubmit it on the website instead of in-game.
  • If someone makes trouble on the IRC Chat or
  • ANY BUGS AT ALL, please tell me ASAP, with date, time and timezone, possible with screenshots, user names involved etc. The screenshot help me search for the chat text in the logfiles. Do not tell me a day later if you can
  • If you ban someone, send me an email with date, time, time zone and reason.
  • Do not ban people for Xraying. Tell me if you suspect someone, I will then check in detail.

Thanks for your help!



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